I, unfortunately, am a part of a generation that is technology obsessed. More specifically, we are obsessed with social media. We mindlessly scroll through tweets, selfies on Instagram, and posts from our distant relatives on Facebook for hours every day. I downloaded this app that tells you how much time you spend on your phone each day and I deleted it after a few days because I realized I didn't need the daily reminder that I spend way too much time looking at my phone. It's something I wish I didn't care so much about, but I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't care about keeping up my Snapchat streak with my best friend and the ~aesthetic~ of my Instagram feed (something I still haven't figured out).

I recently surpassed 1,000 followers on Instagram and I honestly thought I accomplished something.

It was like having a four-digit follower count somehow made me more "special." There are literally tons of people on Instagram with thousands of followers and yet I still thought that comma meant something.

Honestly, thinking about it now I'm pretty embarrassed that I even cared.

I'm embarrassed for multiple reasons but the main one is that I shouldn't care so much about a number that doesn't matter. A number that doesn't accurately represent anything about who I am.

This realization has caused me to think a lot about my presence on social media. I really have no intention of deleting any of my social media accounts because I like how it gives me the ability to stay connected with people I wouldn't otherwise be connected with. But I do want to be more aware of the version of myself that I am putting out into the world.

I want my presence on social media to continue to be a positive one, but also an accurate one. If I'm going to contribute to the social media world I want my focus to be less on how many followers I have or how many likes I get and more on what kind of content I'm sharing.