10 Instagram Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow
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10 Instagram Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow

Keep up with the industry and it's new trends!

10 Instagram Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow

It is no secret that fashion can be found anywhere, but especially in the times we are living in today Instagram has become the social media for it. Bloggers, luxury brands, and other accounts are all turning to Instagram to reveal their new trends and style, and this is the top 10 fashion accounts you should follow to be caught up with what's going on out there in the industry and the new summer trends to come.

1. Whowhatwear

Just like its own name implies, whowhatwear not only lets you in the newest fashion trends but also shows you what celebrities from all over the world are currently wearing. Followed by many famous people, such as Lucy Hale and Andy Torres, their writers also provide you with content and a great sense of humor.

2. Camilacoelho

One of the most known beauty bloggers and YouTubers out there. This Brazilian fashionista knows how to be chic and bring great content, from makeup to fashion and lifestyle.

3. Chiaraferragni

The Italian influencer with a successful clothing line and blog brings a lot to the fashion table. Chiara fanbase is not only based on her amazing OOTD looks, but also from the fact that she is an open book and love sharing her personal life with her followers.

4. iconaccidental

Just like her blog name states, this influencer became an accidental icon after calling the attention of photographers during fashion week due to her outstanding and intriguing sense of fashion. She is the living proof that fashion (and looking amazingly great) has no age.

5. sincerlyjules

This Californian girl with an "easy breezy" style is always bringing a pop of color to our feed. World traveler, Jules surely knows how to fit the theme.

6. slipintostyle

If you're a mini handbag fan, Ellie's blog is a must. With a modern style, this blogger is a risk taker and makes pieces fall flawlessly into outfits some would never picture. She also constantly shares her new finds on mini handbags and shoes and is a mix and match queen.

7. negin_mirsalehi

Negin makes sure even her dog matches the outfit. Not only one of the top influencers out there, this dutch is also the founder of a multi-million company and an adorable pet.

8. Marianodivaio

My favorite male influencer of Instagram. Mariano's clean looks and lovable father personality sure helps with that.

9. Stylescrapbook

This Mexican blogger is edgy, modern and relatable to so many young adults out there. Andy's sense of humor and wiliness to achieve her goals are admirable.

10. Valentinaferragni

Another one of the Ferragni's sisters. Valentina followed her older sister's steps and has recently joined the world of influencers. Her outfits are simple and elegant, and her personality is radiant.

So log in to your Instagram and go check this fashion icons out!

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