As an individual who loves a good cup of joe, it's hard for me to imagine a day without my one true love. Now, there are many people who may critique my coffee intake, but like everyone says, you can’t help who you fall in love with. It seems like the more you drink coffee, the more you get addicted and, before long, you turn into that jittery girl who drinks more than eight cups a day (whoops)! There are haters out there and many names will be thrown your way (I for one get compared to Lorelai Gilmore on the regular).

However, you always know deep down that you couldn’t make it through the day without that dear friend, coffee. It is your crutch, it is your daydream and, most importantly, it is your true love. There may be debate over whether your intake of coffee is borderline lethal, but truth be told, if you’re like me, you probably don’t give a damn. So if you are addicted to that sweet coffee bean like I am, here are some daily occurrences you probably run into.

1. *Wakes up* First thought is always “I need coffee!”

2. Your roommate says "good morning," but you are dead to the world until that sweet elixir is running through you.

3. You plan your day around when you will fit in your cups of coffee.

4. While most people stock up on food in their room you stock up on K-Cups and coffee beans.

5. You have two cups before you go to class.

6. And pour a third for your walk there.

7. You silently cry tears when you finish the end of the cup in class.

8. But its all OK once you refill at your local coffee shop.

9. You don’t waste your time with sugar and cream because you drink so much of it that you have come to appreciate the rich taste.

10. You don’t ever experience caffeine headaches because you are anal about drinking your coffee every day.

11. The world actually looks prettier after your body is fueled with your blessed coffee.

12. You get told on a daily basis that you drink too much coffee.

13. And that too much caffeine is bad for you.

14. But you take advice from Taylor Swift and “shake it off” because your hand feels empty without your cup.

15. You sometimes just sit and smell your coffee beans because they are just so intoxicating.

16. When someone suggests getting coffee they become your new best friend.

17. You can drink a cup of coffee before bed and still pass out within five minutes. Coffee is your b---h.

18. You realize that you don't need a person anymore. Coffee is your true love.

Let’s face it, some people need fancy gifts and lots of money to make them happy. But for you, all you need is a good hot cup of coffee. So to all you critics, instead of judging us, you should perhaps thank us for being so easy to please.