I LOVE what I do. I'm a retail manager for a successful clothing company at a really busy location. I get to be around what I love all day (fashion), and I get to meet and help people from all over.

I get to manage alongside a team of amazing managers as well as teach an aspiring new generation of sales and stock associates. What's not to love?

Those are only a few of many perks of my job...Now onto the not-so-great things.

Yes, we are here to serve you, but we are not your slaves.

We are human beings with feelings just like you. You don't get to see the emotional distress my co-workers and myself go through at the end of the day.

Sure, yelling at us will save you $2 off your $10 total but is it worth it?

I've seen it all, and I've come out stronger because of it but not everyone has the same heart as I do.

We deeply apologize that your coupon is expired. We're sorry, we can't always combine promotions for you. We're sorry we don't currently carry that item in the size you want in stores — but we have it online!

We will ALWAYS do our absolute best to ensure you, the customer, leave our store happy. No matter what.

The only thing we'd appreciate in return is the respect we deserve as human beings. Some of us end up sacrificing time with our family and friends on holiday weekends and on holidays in general in order to be there for you. Please try to be kind if you can. How you treat others says a lot more about you than them.