How To Dress Like The 'Insecure' Cast Without Spending $2000
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How To Dress Like Your Favorite 'Insecure' Characters — Without Spending $2,000

We take a look at the fashion of Insecure season 4, and how you can create these looks yourself.

How To Dress Like Your Favorite 'Insecure' Characters — Without Spending $2,000

Insecure is one of my favorite shows ever. It really encapsulates what it's like being a Black 20-something, trying to navigate the many ups and downs of life. Issa, Molly, Kelli, and Tiffany are living their best lives in California while dealing with the twists and turns that come with that.

From life to relationships to careers, this show truly captures everything that runs through my mind on a daily basis. The show has a sense of realness and a strong frankness that makes you gravitate toward the characters and root for their success.

Of course, in order to make these characters come to life, the wardrobe team styles them impeccably. With popular designers of the time always making an appearance, it's hard not to take notice of the character development through their styling choices.

If you like how these characters dress but don't have the money for a $2,000 suit the powerful man-eating attorney Molly wears, I have some alternatives for you. Here they go:



Issa (on the right) is known for her eccentric and bubbly personality on Insecure. Her fashion sense tends to mirror her personality. One of Issa's biggest style points this season was an eye-catching skirt and statement top.

This was one of my favorite looks that Issa wore during season 4 and it's easy to replicate. Get your hands on a graphic mesh top and a solid color skirt, it'll easily be your new closet staple.



Molly, the powerful attorney doing it for herself, has found a new love interest this season, Andrew. Through this change in her life, Molly's fashions have had a growth spurt as well. Known for her often times edgy office wear, Molly didn't disappoint during season 4.

This was one of my favorite looks that Molly wore for season 4 and this is another easy outfit to replicate for all of my monochromatic lovers.



If it's one thing that Tiffany, the only married and pregnant female cast member knows how to do, it's still be stylish while being pregnant. This is one of her more stylish moments during her pregnancy.

I appreciate this look because it's one of the more interesting that she's worn. It's very easy to replicate and this style looks great on any figure.



Known for being the sassy and conscious friend, Kelli is truly the glue that holds this friend circle together. She's always there to tell a joke or to help out one of her girlfriends when duty calls.

Although this look is fairly simple, it's one of my favorites. Gingham print is an easy design for anybody to wear and finding a dress like this isn't hard to do either.

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