Innocence Turns Into Reality

Grandma’s touch toiled in lines hidden behind the pale pink splashed wallpaper.

A broken violin under a Victorian sati

Childish shadows of stickers left on an antique wardrobe.

Self paintings in a corner mixed with blank canvases and a shoe box full of paint,

while bought pictures mount the wall.

My baby picture on a canvas, hangs above a dust-covered guitar.

A canvas full of dreams collaged; set atop an overstocked book case.

Medals hung from a time when excitement radiated from them; now just could metal reminding of the decade and a half that has past.

A dog curled into a tiny fox on a wolf

cover bunched upon the floor.

A stuffed bear sits in company with Felicity, Josephine,

laying beside the white folder that holds charcoal self portraits.

Beatrix Potter peeps upon the wall.

The innocent atmosphere is broken

as the silver pole stands silver and alarming

in the middle of the room.

A full length mirror on the wardrobe, a vanity.

There’s another full length mirror in the closet…reflecting vanity.

The princess had to grow into an adult, where

childish things are swept aside in place of green.

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