Infinite Shades of Beauty
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Infinite Shades of Beauty

Infinite Shades of Beauty

The word beautiful means having characteristics that give you pleasure in seeing, hearing, or thinking about something physical. It could also be defined as captivating the senses of the mind. My own definition of beautiful is not necessarily something that is easily seen. Someone could see beauty in someone else through the way they express themselves. However, that is not something that can be seen fully because some people hide their beauty out of shyness and sometimes out of fear of what other people will think of them. The most beautiful people hide their talents behind their beauty pretty well. They do not boast about their talent. They are very modest, and don’t like to show it off to people too much because it is too precious, whether they realize it or not.

The two most prominent characteristics that belong to the world and human beings, that I would categorize as beautiful, are intellect and wisdom. In other words, philosophy is beautiful. Philosophy has progressed in regards to the matter of letting human beings see more than what is on the surface of another human being or a certain topic up for discussion. It has made many human beings see that no one is higher than anyone else because no one can know anything more than what is physically sensed. We only can see with our eyes and feel emotion through hormones as a result of the way that the human race was created in its original form. The way many people look at the world, more philosophically, than from taking what is on the surface for granted like many other people do is beautiful indeed. What we feel is more prominent than what is physical. This way of thinking stands out which is why so many philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates stood out in history and were seen as “special” to other people.

I remember reading an article online last year that stated, “The more education a young woman has, the less likely she is to get married”. I found it extremely absurd that so many men marry women because of physical attraction, not because they want to have an intelligent conversation or debate with someone who has a desire to further their education, as well as a desire to be more wise. In my opinion, no one without intelligence, whether male or female, is considered beautiful. On the contrary, I believe no one is not intelligent as well. Just as philosophy proves, what is on the surface is not always what is the right way to express a vision of enlightenment from a human being to another human being. Physical attraction is nothing without intellect.

Also, art is a form of beauty. Art is the expression of someone’s feelings using any form of material. It is beautiful because, as I stated with the idea of someone having intelligence and wisdom, it makes people see more than what is in front of them. When critics really look at a piece of art, they look for the message of it more than how awesome it looks on the surface. It could be formed to tell a story, just as novels made by ink and paper, and paintings, and sculptures as well. However, most people who look at the meaning of the art work fully understand it, and art with meaning behind it is true art work.

Examples of this would be Michaelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel. It shows the stories behind what was in the Bible such as the creation of Adam And Eve. Yet, why he chose to design the roof of Sistine Chapel the way he did the world is still trying to figure out. Although we don’t know the real reason right now because he is no longer alive, throughout his death he still remains to be a beautiful artist through the work he created. There is a deep meaning behind his work, and that is what inhibits different theories from everyone that observes it. His work is beautiful to people not just because of the paintings themselves, but because of the history from what drove him to draw certain objects and shapes, and why he drew them the way he did. The hair colors, body textures, and overall appearance of the perspective he had of the Biblical stories is what makes his work so unique compared to another artist’s interpretation.

There have been many examples throughout history and time outlining the purpose of what is real from what is not. Many people believe true love is real because they have seen it while others have never felt love. Many people may or may not believe in magic tricks and miracles because they have the inability to analyze exactly what is occurring when they watch magic shows and life generally. However, one ideology remains certain. As human beings, we see various displays of what we believe to be beautiful or not. That is why my perception may be different from another human being’s perspective. That is why the subject of philosophy is beautiful because it is misunderstood and interpreted in so many different ways. It is the reason why there are so many different philosophers, and why they were all deemed as brilliant people. There are so many different shades of how beauty presents itself in our lives. We will never understand the beauty in our lives fully, but we will always know that life is beautiful. So, in conclusion, I ask you a series of questions that only you can answer. What does the word “beautiful” mean to you? Where do you see beauty in your life? How is something beautiful through your perception of the way of you see and feel life? If you feel like you are blind to see beauty then what can you do to make it more visible?

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