Cheap Ways to Have Fun This Summer
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50 Cheap Ways To Have The Best summer Ever

18. Beer Olympics

50 Cheap Ways To Have The Best summer Ever

Summer is finally here and it's about time. While most of us are busy with internships, summer jobs or studying for graduate school entrance exams, we have to work in a little fun. Everyone can agree: Summer is all about having fun. The problem is, most of us are broke. We spent every last penny during the semester and all of our summer job money is going to end up paying for next semester. The budget for summer fun is razor thin. As a college kid who is trying to make $40 last for the next two weeks, My summer adventures need to be dirt cheap. Here is a list of the cheapest ways to have the best summer ever.

1. Go Hiking

2. Find a Farmer's Market

3. Go to the Beach

Or the lake, creek, pond, whatever natural body of water is nearby!

4. Have a Picnic

5. Go Stargazing

6. Start a Beer League

All you need is some friends, a sport everyone knows (kickball, softball, etc.) and a six pack and you've got endless, competitive fun

7. Find Free Community Events

8. Trivia Night

9. Learn a Cool Party Trick

Juggle, open champagne with a knife, ride a unicycle. solve a Rubix cube... the list is endless

10. Play Some Board Games

11. Visit the Library

12. Protest With or Work For an Important Cause

Find a cause you're passionate about and get out there and support it! Plus, it's a great way to meet new people.

13. Volunteer

14. Find a Fireworks Show

15. Learn to Fly a Kite

Because, does anyone really know how to fly one?

16. Find a Pool

17. Have a Bonfire

18. Host a Beer Olympics

All your friends, all the beer, all the drinking games.

19. Go to an Art Exhibit

20. Go to a Museum on a Discount Day

21. Go to a Minor League Baseball Game

Go Rumble Ponies!

22. Learn Magic Tricks

23. Go Bowling

24. Do Something Creative

Write, draw, paint, knit... there's so many creative things you can easily learn.

25. Start a Journal

26. Start Working Out or Running

27. Visit Your Friends

There's nothing better than a summer roadtrip

28. Read a Book For Fun

29. Go Rollerblading

30. Make A Giant Slip-n-Slide

A hill, a giant tarp, soap and water is all you need for endless entertainment

31. Learn How to Cook

32. Binge a Netflix Series

33. Learn a New Language

¡Verano es mi estación favorita!

34. Go For a Bike Ride

35. Learn a New Card Game

36. Learn How to Gamble

Be careful with this one!

37. Play Minigolf

38. Find a Good Podcast

39. Babysit

Kids are fun plus, some extra cash never hurts

40. Plant a Garden

41. People Watch

42. Gravestone Rubbing

Basically, you find an old graveyard, put paper on the gravestone, and rub over it with a crayon to get cool designs or find out the date. It's sounds boring but if you're a fan of creepy things like me, you'll love this one.

43. Visit a State or National Park

44. Go to a Park or Playground

45. Have a Movie Marathon

How many rom-coms can you watch in one day?

46. Break a Bad Habit

47. Form a Good Habit

48. Find a New "Spot"

Everyone has their one bar or coffee shop; find a new one and switch it up.

49. Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

50. Clean Out Your Closet

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