8 Bands to Spice Up Your Indie Rock Playlist
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8 Bands to Spice Up Your Indie Rock Playlist

We all could use some new tunes.

8 Bands to Spice Up Your Indie Rock Playlist

Whether you are an adamant fan of Spotify or prefer Apple Music, almost everyone is tirelessly working right now creating the perfect playlists to blast when social distancing is no longer necessary. Although states are beginning to reopen, that does not mean you should be getting ready to host a barbecue or plan a beach day with a big group of friends. For now, we still have to be cautious, and that means keeping gatherings to a minimum.

The idea of more time in quarantine might make you want to press play on that playlist of sad songs that you have been keeping yourself from listening to, but working on a fun collection of tunes might be a better use of your time. Maybe it can motivate you to push through this difficult period or even just prevent you from playing Iron & Wine songs on repeat. If you are a fellow indie rock fan, consider adding some jams by these artists to your "When Quarantine Is Over" playlist.

1. The Black Keys


If you're feeling a little like a "lonely boy" right now, The Black Keys are the perfect band for you. Formed by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, these two know how to rock.

2. Phoenix


This band is from Versailles, France and has been killing the game of indie rock since the early 2000s. They even won a Grammy Award for their album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" back in 2010.

3. Foster the People


You may know Foster the People for their hit single "Pumped Up Kicks" from 2010, but they have way more killer tunes than that. As someone who has personally seen them live multiple times, I can say with complete confidence that this band is one of the best indie rock groups out there.

4. Sonic Blume


This group of four boys started in 2015 after they all realized their mutual love for indie music. From then on, the band has been continuing to pump out catchy songs like "Aubrey" and "Sunflower Bean."

5. Tame Impala


Tame Impala, the music project of artist Kevin Parker, has completely blown up over the past few months. Everyone I know is listening to their hit, "The Less I Know The Better," on repeat. With over twelve million monthly listeners on Spotify, he is definitely worth checking out.

6. The Kooks


No one can resist the voice of Luke Pritchard from the English band, The Kooks. The band experiments with many different genres, including everything from reggae to pop.

7. Bombay Bicycle Club


Bombay Bicycle Club is another English group to add to the list. After taking a three-year hiatus to pursue solo careers, the members of the band announced they would be reuniting in January of 2019, and we all could not be more grateful for it.

8. The Shins


Not only do The Shins release incredible tunes, but they have some of the coolest music videos ever, including one for their 2012 single, "Simple Song." The band has been creating music since 1996, so you'll have a lot to listen to.

Enjoy your new jams!

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