Debunking The Indian National Congress's Claims About Modi
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Debunking 3 Hypocritical Arguments Presented By The Indian National Congress Against Modi

As the 2019 Lok Sabha elections come to a close with Narendra Modi winning by a landslide, let's take a look at the opposition party and their arguments.

Debunking 3 Hypocritical Arguments Presented By The Indian National Congress Against Modi

Let's take a look at how the Indian National Congress is responsible for creating their own demons which subsequently take the form of India's demons. Just to be clear, other people are free to have different views and I do not mean to impose my ideologies or political propaganda on anyone and this article represents my views alone.

With that out of the way, let's get started.

“Modi is a dictator and wants to take control of the country.”

Many supporters of the INC claim that Modi is a dictatorial Prime Minister and accused him of dictating India's rules in favor of Hinduism along with control and censorship of the press. However, at the same time, Indira Gandhi from INC declared emergency in India thrice. She assumed control of the press and arrested almost every person she deemed a threat to her presidency. This emergency rendered thousands homeless and disappearances of many journalists. During this time, Narendra Modi, a young man working for the volunteer organization (RSS), spent his time providing safe houses and food to displaced people of all communities. But soon, Indira Gandhi, the new prime minister-turned dictator, felt the RSS was a threat to her rule and banned the organization. It resulted in the arrest of many leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who later went on to become the prime minister of India. At the same time, PM Narendra Modi continued helping and supporting people with the RSS "illegally." Now, it is the INC who claim Modi is dictatorial.

“Modi uses the army for political propaganda.”

When China attacked India soon after independence, the whole Red Eagle front of the Indian Military fell and the Indian National Congress abandoned the military due to their brotherhood policies which chose not to retaliate against the aggressors. This led to people like Narendra Modi leading the need for a better defensive front. Furthermore, it was Narendra Modi who offered clothes and tea to the injured soldiers while the INC was busy in campaigning for elections. It has been more than 50 years to it and in four years of his tenure, Modi has transformed India into a hardened nation with significant military prowess. He has a reputation for constantly providing support to the armed forces and has ensured better living conditions for them. Yet, the INC supporters do not fail to claim this support as "political propaganda."

“Modi promotes religious intolerance.” 

Time and again, Congress has used dirty tactics to get votes due to racial sentiments. It was started by Madhav Solanki, the Congress chief minister in 1980 which resulted in years of communal violence in Gujrat. He consolidated votes from the minority by making them enticing promises. Yet they always blame Modi for the start of communal violence.

The golden temple still has bullet holes from the time Indira Gandhi from the INC decided to bombard innocent men, women, and children with bullets just because they were Sikh. What more needs to be said about the Sikh agitation and massacre in Indira Gandhi's time. Yet, it is PM Narendra Modi who promotes intolerance? He is merely a part of the religious divide created by the Congress for their own power through constantly waging for votes from minorities in the name of communal justice.

Fun fact: Modi's childhood best friend was Muslim and he was bought up in a community where Hindus and Muslims gelled well together.

India seems to have retained faith in the re-elected prime minister, Narendra Modi and I as a citizen of the country think it is the right choice as his dynamism and vision would certainly show India a better future in its quest to become an industrialized country.

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