How Independent Girls Love Differently

Sitting at dinner and you shake your head at me, smiling saying, "I haven't come across a girl like you, you suck at texting, you're way too easy going, confident, and you just don't care about what anyone else does, but I like it."

You might have heard girls with anxiety love differently. Well, I hope you like independent girls because we love a little differently, too.

We Don’t Need The Constant Contact

I love asking you how your day went and sending the “thinking about you” text but I do not need to be blowing up your phone all day every day. I have other things on my mind then getting into a repetitive conversation throughout the day. And honestly what’s the point if I am seeing you later that night? I am fine going through my day doing what I need to do and catching up later, do what you have to do then let's catch up over pizza in a blanket fort.

You Can Go Out With The Boys Chances Are I’m Already Out With My Girls

Going out with you and showing you off is undoubtedly my favorite thing to do, but dancing with my girls is just as important to me as getting a drink with the guys is to you. I will never be that girl that needs you to stay within eye sight every night, because, wait for it here’s the kicker….. I trust you. Now I know what you are thinking, it’s a trap I don’t actually mean it but I really do. Plus when I am out with my girls I am just concerned about spending the time with them, and when you are with your boys I want you to feel the same comfort. It shouldn’t be a hassle worrying about what the other is going to do. Go get that beer with the guys to catch up with them and enjoy your night, let me know you made it back safe but don’t stress about being on your phone texting me. You should be able to enjoy your time, meanwhile, I’m going to do the same with my girls.

I Have My Own Agenda With My Own Goals

Chances are when you date an independent girl her calendar is already filled with a million other priorities before you. I have goals and deadlines, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to take the time for you. It just means if you can’t handle the fact that my own personal success is not scheduled around you then this isn’t going to work for me. All I ask is you respect the fact that Tuesday nights are filled with meetings and that sushi date might get pushed back a couple days but I promise an ambitious girl is always worth the wait. I have an idea of where I want to be in life career wise and I know you do too, so let's just support each other to make those dreams reality, let's not bog each other down.

I ACTUALLY TRUST YOU…no this isn’t a trick

I trust you. I do not need to read the messages on your phone. I do not need to hear the itinerary for Saturday night with the boys. I don’t care if Sally was making eyes with you at the bar. No this isn’t a trick where I say “I’m fine” and leads to “I just think it's funny when” I really do trust you. I trust you because I don’t let my insecurities run the show, I wouldn’t be with you if I had reasons I shouldn't be. Even if I think Sally making eyes with you at the bar is prettier that is no reason for me to go off on some tangent and start an argument. Who cares I’m still the one stealing all the blankets from you when we get home.

I Want Us To Coexist Not Be Codependent

I want us to coexist I do not want to be dependent on each other. I know I am able to be whole on my own so to me being with someone just means enjoying their unique companionship. A relationship isn’t a possession. Being independent I never understood the relationships that constrain each other, almost like each person in the relationship wants the other to have a small circle because then they would never leave. You have one life, why would I want you to not experience it and go out meet people and gain experiences?? If you and I are going to be a team, then you just need to be you and you need to let me be me. I know I am an extremely outgoing person and when someone threatens my independence to go out because they’re scared I may meet better, that is my red flag to leave.


Bottom line when you date an independent girl, she is going to be more mature than most of the girls you have met in the past. It takes a lot to learn to be fully independent; it takes experiences and learning curves. I have spent so much time before you learning to love myself and my own company so being with you is that much richer because I genuinely enjoy myself I genuinely enjoy you. I don’t need to see what messages are on your phone, I don’t need the mind games of jealousy, and I sure as hell do not need you to give up Saturdays with the boys.

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