To The Incoming Freshmen Awaiting That May 1st Deadline

To The Incoming Freshmen Awaiting That May 1st Deadline

If you haven't decided yet, especially when it seems like all of your friends or classmates have already, don't worry.

May 1st is Decision Day. If you're a high school senior looking to start college in the fall, you better figure out by May 1st where you will be spending your next four years. If you haven't decided yet, especially when it seems like all of your friends or classmates have already, don't worry. If you're debating between schools you have already been accepted to, they won't penalize you if you haven't decided yet, or wait until what seems like the last minute to click that accept button.

You, or maybe your family, might seem to be panicking as you're trying to decide, don't worry. Everything will fall into place.

If you haven't decided because you're stuck with really good choices, that's a good problem to have. If you've been debating this long, it's because you know that all of your options are very good ones and you can't go wrong with whichever school you choose. Picture yourself at these schools, and wherever you think you could spend the next four years. There's not really a wrong choice that you can make, and both schools would be happy to have you as an addition and you'll likely fit well at either option.

If you haven't decided because you didn't get into your dream school, or might just not be happy with your options, that might not make it seem hard. A lot of people end up going to schools that are their "second choice," and end up loving it far more than their expectations ever thought they would.

A lot of people have their heart sets on their reach school, myself included, and if that doesn't pan out, your other options, that may have seemed lesser at first, may end up exactly where you should be. I'm a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, and by not getting into that reach school it may lead you down a better path at another school.

If you're a senior that has decided on their future school, congratulations! Your school is lucky to have you as an addition and I hope that your choice is everything that you hope it will be. These next four years will be a roller coaster, but always think back to that high school senior who was so excited and nervous about this decision, and enjoy it!

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I Learned Forensic Science In One Day For HOSA SLC 2019 And Still Placed Top Ten

We all have those days where we have to cram for an exam you know nothing about the night before, but have you tried to study for it the day of the exam? I never knew I would find myself in this situation until I went to HOSA SLC. With minimal study time, my partner, Kasey Park, and I were still able to place in the Top Ten in Georgia.

Joel Lee
Joel Lee

As a member of my school's chapter of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), I went to SLC (State Leadership Conference), where members all over the state of Georgia come to Atlanta to compete in a variety of competitions in the field of Science and Healthcare. All members can pick only one competition to participate in, and the guidelines and rules for each event are posted on the HOSA website.

The event I chose was Forensic Medicine, which requires a team of two people to take a written exam about Forensic Science (Round 1) and write a death report for a case study (Round 2). You must pass Round 1 to move on to Round 2. I worked with a good friend of mine, Kasey Park, for this event. HOSA recommended two textbooks to study for the event: Forensic Science: Fundamentals & Investigations 2nd Edition and Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, Fourth Edition.

Kasey and I both had the books, since Winter Break of our sophomore year (2018-2019), and we both agreed to start studying during winter break. Instead, we both completely forgot about it and when we returned to school after the break, we knew we still had time to study, since SLC was in March. We made a game plan of what chapters to read and when to read them, and we agreed to meet for reviewing the chapters we read. But, it didn't happen.

This procrastination continued about a day before we needed to leave for SLC, and we both realized we needed to study two thick textbooks in about 24 hours. We both knew at this point we just needed to cram as much information we could possibly fit into our brains.

The way we crammed was we both read the textbook as fast as possible and absorbing information as we go. Even though will not understand everything, we can still get a lot of information that can help us do well.

We studied on the way to SLC and before the Round 1 exam, so we can have the best chance possible when taking the test. My partner and I took the Round 1 exam during the afternoon, and we both we did alright, but not good, so we were worried about whether or not we made the second round. We got a notification in the evening that we made to Round 2. Kasey and I started to study all night and during the morning to cram as much information as we could. A little before noon, we took the Round 2 Case Study Test, and we thought it was a breeze.

Since we finished our event, we could finally hang out with friends from our school, as well as students from other schools. I meant so many new people at HOSA SLC. The next day, we went to the award ceremony, and my partner and I did not get in the Top 5, so we were not recognized. But later we were informed that we got 9th place, which we were happy with since we did not study very much for this exam.

From my experiences ar HOSA SLC, I have learned many things and met many new people. I would recommend that if you have a testing event, you should start to study prior to SLC to give yourself the most amount of time to study before the test. I feel that cramming last minute at SLC is ineffective and very stressful. I also think that you should try to meet new people since the conference is for members all over the state of Georgia.

If you are a middle or high schooler, I would recommend attending HOSA SLC, as it will be a memory you will never forget.

Joel Lee
Joel Lee

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