This Valentine's Day, while the rest of your friends drown their feelings with alcohol and mozarella sticks, you should probably also do that. In the meantime, enjoy this impressive display of (caged) gastronomic expertise, collected from the darkest recesses of the internet and carefully compiled here to showcase the many faces of Nicolas Cage.

1. Guinea Pig

A South American delicacy.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

3. An egg

4. A cupcake

5. ...and another...

6. ...

7. Bread

8. Potatoes

9. This shark

(But fr, for more info on shark finning, please check out this site)

10. Roast duck

Ducolas Cage.

11. A chip

12. A banana

13. Another (better) banana

14. And last, but not least:

Honorable mentions:

Nicolas Cage in a peach...

... a loaf dog...

...and a hard-boiled egg.