To The Girl Getting In Shape For Spring Break

First off, get it, sis. You're here making yourself better for no one, but yourself. I know the gym is hard. I tend to push it off until the very end of the day myself.

You're probably hiding away in some corner of the gym where no one can see you. STOP DOING THIS! Don't worry about the girl you think has never eaten anything fattening in her life. Don't worry about the guy giving you the side eye. You are there for no one but yourself, so you should only worry about you. You are only hurting yourself and limiting your workout, by hiding away.

Here's the thing about the gym-it's sad. We tend to step one foot into the gym and think we are bodybuilders, but this is not the case. We are independent women doing what's best for us. You're not always going to find every workout you do easy. You aren't always going to be able to lift the biggest weight. You won't always be the girl in the best shape, but it's a start.

There is no need to feel like "the fat girl trying to lose weight". No matter how big or small, you are making a change to your lifestyle to better yourself. You should be proud of yourself for doing something rather than complaining. Hype yourself up and at the end of each week do something to treat yourself, because you do in fact deserve it.

Here's to a better life. Here to taking a small step in order to make a big change. Most importantly, HERE'S TO YOU!


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