In Response To: "To Girls Wearing 'Cheeky' Bathing Suit Bottoms"

In Response To: "To Girls Wearing 'Cheeky' Bathing Suit Bottoms"

My bathing suit does not take away from my value as a woman.

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To the girl who hates "cheeky" bathing suit bottoms:

I would like to start by saying that you are completely and totally allowed to have your opinion, but it'd be nice if you didn't tear other women down in the process.

You say that cheeky swimsuit bottoms are "ruining women's dignity". Actually, it's not really up to you to tell me if I've lost my dignity based on what I'm wearing. If you don't want to wear a "cheeky" or otherwise revealing bottom, then don't! But the bathing suit choices of other women won't do any harm to you and your dignity.

You say that women have "a lack of value". A lack of which value, specifically? A woman wearing a swimsuit she feels good in is a woman showing that she values the beauty of her body and feels confident in her own skin. Confidence is certainly a value I want my future daughter to have.

You ask "do you often see men roaming around in a speedo to attract attention?" Yes, I have seen men in speedos before, and at least one of these men wanted to attract attention. That's his prerogative. My question for you is this: Do you often see articles such as your own which criticize and accuse men for harming the dignity of themselves and their entire gender based on these outfits? No, no you do not.

You ask: "why do women feel the need to succumb to showing more and more skin each year to attract attention?" Who says a woman chooses her outfit to attract attention? Maybe she just wants to feel good about herself, or make a fashion statement. Maybe we scandalous women in our cheeky bottoms really are just seeking male approval and attention for our glutes, but it's still not your business.

Finally, you thank women who take your advice: "Our world needs more women like you to prove that we are characters of substance and value, not just itemized beauty to gawk at." In no way do my clothing choices or physical appearance take away from my value as a woman, a human, or a member of society. I'd also like to point out that you are perpetuating rape culture. A huge problem with the way our society talks about women and rape is the assumption that women who wear revealing clothing are more likely to be raped and that maybe she was asking for it. Clothing does not cause rape and it does not cause men to view women as "itemized beauty to gawk at". The objectification of women is caused by those who blame women for their own sexual assault and harassment. Regulating women's clothing justifies this objectification and victim blaming.

I really am happy for you that you feel good and confident about your body in a bathing suit which fully covers you. I hope you continue to enjoy your swim wear, just as I will continue to enjoy mine. I hope you realize that the clothing choices of other women in no way affect their own dignity, your dignity, or the dignity of our gender. I also truly hope you are able to understand that my clothing choices do not devalue me as a woman, human, or member of society. I sincerely hope that you do not believe a woman's value lies in her physical appearance, but if you do, I hope you learn to value yourself in some other way.

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