In Kardashians We Trust
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In Kardashians We Trust

An entire country in their hands? I fear so.

In Kardashians We Trust

Recently, Cosmopolitan magazine dubbed the Kardashian/Jenner clan as “America’s First Family,” a term we so endearingly know belongs to the family that currently resides in the White House. While the Obamas are still in office, the phrase stirs uproars from the United States citizens whose beliefs are that such phrase can only be uttered when referring to the President and his family. It’s a tradition, you know?

However, the Kardashian/Jenner clan are anything but tradition. Their claim to fame was supercharged by Kim Kardashian-West’s oh so lovely sex tape with former lover Ray J (Let’s not forget they were first put on the map with the high-profile OJ Simpson case thanks to Daddy Kardashian). The fame continues to grow not from the family’s many companies and brands, but from the media’s attention on a few scandalous individuals (this one’s for you, Kylie Jenner).

Not a single thing an individual in this family does qualifies anyone of them to take on the title of Commander in Chief. But Cosmopolitan thought “America’s First Family” was a fitting headline for such a high profiled family. We can only ask, “But why?”

The Kardashians are one of the most talked about families in the media. It doesn’t matter if it is good press or bad press, they are still visible and people continue to talk about them. They have such a strong presence in the media eye that one cannot escape seeing anything related to them, especially online.

When it comes to the Obamas (or anything related to politics for that matter), it is often overlooked. People know it’s there, but that’s not what the people want to see. Every comment someone makes on any article related to the Kardashians just fuels the fire. Commenting with negative opinions on those articles just proves you care. That’s what the media sees and uses to angle the future articles to coming out.

So when everyone is commenting more on an outrageous family and all their family matters, you’re left to think. Is this really all Americans care about? When you put it in that perspective, the headline is not really that much of a surprise. We put the Kardashians first with all our comments and attention on them...and they have us just where they want us.

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