In Honor Of Taylor Swift's New Album, Here Is The Ultimate Taylor Playlist

Taylor Swift's new album "Lover", is a culmination of the old Taylor with the amazing songwriting, heartfelt love ballads, and bops for car rides, as well as a beautiful mix of the more new independent and strong Taylor that doesn't fit into the cookie cutter label. This album is seriously really good! However, with all the new we can still love us some old T-Swizzle, so here are 15 songs that make up a great Taylor Swift Playlist, starting from the earliest albums.

1. Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor Swift)

2. Picture To Burn (Taylor Swift)

3. Love Story (Fearless)

4. You Belong With Me (Fearless)

5. White Horse (Fearless)

6. Mine (Speak Now)

7. Mean  (Speak Now)

8. Last Kiss (Speak Now)

9. I Almost Do (Red)

10. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Red)

11. Blank Space (1989)

12. Wildest Dreams (1989)

13. Bad Blood (1989)

14. I Did Something Bad (reputation)

15. ...Ready For It? (reputation) 

There are so many to choose from, but from the beginning to the now, we are still here for everything Taylor throws our way. And whether it's the newest album or classic throwbacks you can never listen to too much Taylor Swift.

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