In Defense Of The Basic White Girl
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In Defense Of The Basic White Girl

Haters gonna hate.

In Defense Of The Basic White Girl

With the arrival of fall, my Twitter and Facebook news feed are filled with pictures depicting the uproar of the "basic white girl," dressed in yoga pants and puffy vests, looking like Han Solo, while drinking a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Ladies, at some point we have all been called "basic," and honestly, we usually take great offense to being labeled as such.

Well, I am hear to make a plea for the "basic white girl." If you enjoy the things that make you "basic," there is no shame! Just keep doing you!

Here are 34 "basic white girl" things that I just can't help but enjoy!

1. Monograms

If I can put my initials on it, you better believe that I will! A monogram makes everything look so much cuter.

2. Yoga Pants

Okay, really, who likes wearing real pants?

3. Starbucks

Personally, I am not a pumpkin spice latte fan. However, I will admit that an iced caramel latte does make my day a little bit better.

4. Hunter Boots

They make every rainy day brighter.

5. Ray Bands

They block all the basic haters while looking cute!

6. Snap Chat Selfies

I can't really justify all the selfies I take. It just happens.

7. Instagram Geo Tags

You have to let people know where the picture was taken. Duh.

9. Wearing workout clothes even when you aren't working out.

Sometimes, your workout clothes are so cute, you just want more than the people at the gym to see them.

10. Birkenstocks and Chacos

My feet have never known a better comfort than that of Birks or Chacos. Not only that, they can be made into year-round shoes when paired with socks. Oh, yes, you read correctly. Year. Round. Shoes.

11. Patagonia vests

They are just perfect for those days that are cold, but not quite cold enough for a jacket.

12. Nike Free Runs

Cute? yes. Practical for running? No.

13. Lululemon workout gear

Fact: Lulu is equivalent to drinking protein shakes. It gives you a lil something extra while working out.

14. The newest iPhone

Don't act like you don't want it too.

16. Big t-shirts

Once you buy a T-shirt in a large, there is no chance of ever buying another size ever again. And no, this is not *insert boyfriend's, dad's, uncle's, brother's name here* t-shirt. But yes, I did buy it in the men's section.

17. Home state pride

Hey, having state pride is actually kind of cool. Leave me and my state apparel alone!

18. Eating Chipotle more than my bank account allows

I'll have a bowl with brown rice, steak, beans, mild and hot salsa, lettuce, a little bit of cheese, sour cream, and guac. All day. Every day.

19. VS = homeland

Don't even act like that seven for $27 sale isn't a big deal!

20. Vera Bradley luggage

I prefer to travel in style.

21. Lily Pulitzer prints

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (as the Lily First Impression print)"--William Shakespeare

22. Riding boots

They are truly a fall essential!

23."I literally can't even"

For those moments when the words aren't really there.

24. Netflix

There's a 100 percent chance that I talk about my addiction on the daily.

25. Knowing every word to "Pitch Perfect"

It's like the new "Breakfast Club!"

26. Making being tan as possible the number one goal for summer.

If tanning was a competition, I would so lose.

27. High-waisted shorts

They make your butt and legs look fantastic! Everyone should own a pair! And when paired with a crop top--perfection.

28. Throwback songs are my ish

Don't pretend that "Yeah" by Usher isn't on your pregame play list too.

29. Pinterest boards out the wazoo

I have my wedding planned. It's fine.

30. "Grey's Anatomy"

At one point McDreamy and McSteamy were both my MCM.

31. Disney movies

If you have not seen at least half of the 67 classic Disney movies, I don't trust you.

32. Sushi

Getting full of sushi is that happiest form of fullness you can possibly experience.

33. Owning a multitude of colorful, printed socks

Sometimes, my feet need to be appreciated too.

34. Hoes before bros

It's the life style everyone should choose.

If enjoying all these awesome things makes you basic, then just let your basic flag fly!

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