6 Important Things to Remember During Midterms Week

6 Important Things to Remember During Midterms Week

You're allowed to scream, you're allowed to cry, but do not give up.

I know as a stressed college student all you will feel is stress during midterms week, although that will only affect not only your test scores negatively, but also affect your well being negatively. Here are important things to remember through the struggles of exam week. Most importantly to keep in mind, these are just tests. They will not define who you are or your future. Stay positive and keep those stress levels to a minimum.

1. You're so close to spring break.

No matter if you're spending spring break laying on a beach, or spending it working the entire week, you will be able to rest your mind for a little while and take a break from the constant studying. Reminding yourself spring break is around the corner will be a significant motivation to get through midterms week.

2. You're midterm grades do not define you, nor your overall grade.

One bad exam won't impact 1. who you are as a person, and 2. your overall grade and ability in the class. Keep your head up, study hard, and do your best. If you did all of the above and you still didn't score how you wanted, you will have that in mind that you put in all of your effort to do great and that's what should matter. You're so much more than a grade. Don't give up.

3. Keep the checking your phone and snack breaks to a minimum.

I know how easy it is to get side tracked into your phone, or making excuses to stop studying like, "I'm hungry!" although, try to avoid these excuses while studying for midterms. Try to keep yourself on track as much as you can throughout your studying process.


Don't pull all nighters before an exam. In reality, you think staying up for long hours at a time will help you gain more knowledge on what you're studying, but in reality when it hits 2-3 AM you're going to feel exhausted to the point where you aren't processing information like you would at a normal time. Don't stress yourself out, go to sleep at a decent hour, and get some sleep.

5. You're half way through the semester.

Keep in mind that midterms signify the semester is basically halfway complete. Therefore, this is your time to shine. If you're struggling in a class, going to exam reviews and doing great on that midterm will boost your self esteem and confidence in that class and your overall grade. Stay focused and let school come first during this week, but don't over stress yourself. You're so close to being done, this is your half way point.

6. Stay calm.

Stressing will only make you feel worse about the exam. Stay calm, and be confident. If you aren't feeling confident in an exam, make sure to get the help you need to build that confidence up. Staying calm will allow you to take in more knowledge; if you're stressed, that will affect your overall score and mental health in the process.

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Trying to figure out what to do in life.


I never saw the crossroad

Where I could cross n' roam

Under an arch or dome. [1]

I just kept on the road

That was laid out,

Told to hold out

Till it pays out. [2]

Now I think its too late

Been walking too long,

Classes are all wrong

But masses too strong. [3]

So I follow with my head down

And chest up, succeeding cause

I'm too scared to fuck it up. [4]

But I have a need to lead,

Top-down and gears up

Leaving nothing to the dust.

But if I drop out, I'm a fuck up. [5]

Is it better to live and rust

Or drive till it busts

With trust you can find the way? [6]

[1] - Play on roam/Rome. Starts the poem by expressing the feeling of being trapped in my path in life. I felt like I never got the chance to figure out what I wanted to do.

[2] - I think a lot of it was I was following what people told me I should be doing.

[3] - I have a feeling that it is too late to change my course of life. I'm in a college for business, taking classes about business, and everyone around me wants to do business.

[4] - This is saying that even though I am not passionate about what I am doing I am still trying to succeed only because I'm scared of failing or quitting.

[5] - I want to leave and lead myself, do something where I'm not following but I don't know how to do that. This part starts a car reference, idk I've been watching Formula 1 on Netflix and its dope.

[6] - This is the question I've been asking myself, wondering if I should continue on with my path or follow my passion.

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