"Get involved on campus!" "Meet new friends!" "Find your place on campus!" "Find your passion!"

All these phrases and more have been yelled at freshmen as they walk onto campus for the first time. They go through orientation and the first week of classes bombarded with flyers and info sessions and involvement fairs. Sometimes freshmen can benefit from these tactics and immediately find their place on campus. But sometimes, it may take a couple months, a semester, or even a couple of semesters in order for them to find their passion.

For me, I didn't feel completely at home on campus for the majority of my first semester.

I kept trying different things and going to so many information sessions and fairs that I lost track. I just never felt comfortable enough in an organization in order to commit to it. In turn, I was lost and although I had a purpose in the sense of getting my education, I was the type of person who needed one thing to allow me to escape from academics in order to do my best academically.

Then, in November, right before Thanksgiving break, I decided to apply for S.A.B., Student Activites Board, on a whim. I went to the interview and immediately clicked with those that were interviewing me. Then, I went to training and eventually my first meeting, and immediately felt at home. I couldn't believe I had waited this long to get involved with S.A.B. Not only did the other people around feel like family but seeing the happiness on people's faces at the events we put on was magical.

The important thing, however, is to find something that works for you. It's tempting to simply just focus on schoolwork, get through your three, four, or five years and move on into the workforce and never look back, but it's also immensely important to make memories and feel comfortable at your home away from home for however long you're here. Plus, it doesn't look so shabby on a resume.