Importance of Social Networking

Everyone is always constantly talking about how social media has a negative impact on our society but never talks about how much social media has connected us to people that could help with job interviews, opportunities, internships, etc. Social media has connected us in ways it never has before.

Personally, social media has done a lot of positives for me it has given me writing opportunities throughout high school and even helped me start writing for the Odyssey. It has also given me people I can relate to rather it be my disease or journalism-related.

I recently had contacted my other roommate through social media and instantly got connected with her.

It also allows people to come across opportunities that you may not see or are aware of just walking down the street or in a building. It's a very small world, people know people and by simply connecting or "following" one person could instantly bring you new and many different opportunities whether you know it or not.

Social media has done justice for me as far as connections, internships, and opportunities when it comes to Journalism. It is helpful for many majors and degrees you just have to be willing to look for them.

Yes, don't get me wrong. Social media has its ways of being negative and nasty but it also has made a huge positive impact on the way we are able to network with each other. It has made a big world not seem so big anymore.

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