Earth is something that we often take for granted. Picture this scene: it's a Monday morning, right before your 9 to 5 job. You're already late and are stressed from the swamp of work you already have. Before heading out the door, you realize you forgot some water. Will you choose to grab a plastic bottle from the garage, or head back inside, get out the Brita filter, and fill up your reusable bottle? The short answer is, most people would sadly choose the plastic bottle. With the nature of society today, life sometimes becomes too hectic to make rational choices about the environment. But, we also must be cognizant that practical changes cannot be made unless all hands are on board.

The reason that many people don't try to make these small life changes is often because they feel their impact is too small to do anything reasonable. In a way, they're right. Their one small lack of conservation probably won't do much. But the problem is, they're not the only one with this mindset. So many people have this lack of motivation, that piled together, their lack of conservation does do a lot. Until we all begin making the necessary strides to practice earth-friendly techniques, no tangible changes will be made.

Think about your last vacation. I'd assume it's somewhere that is in some way, visually appealing. For me, my last vacation was to Ireland and England. It gave me a new mindset because I realized that a lot of nature and sights that I saw would not be there if we keep doing things that threaten the Earth. Sure, our lives are great right now, and truthfully, we may not be affected much by the immediate changes occurring. However, future generations will. And I'm sure you wouldn't want your grandchildren or great-grandchildren suffering those consequences.

So, I urge you to begin making these small changes. Whether it's shifting from a plastic water bottle to a reusable one, turning off the lights when leaving a room, carpooling, or living sustainably in any way. Because contrary to what many people believe, your small efforts WILL make a difference if you let them. And the more we instill the idea of collective responsibility, the more likely it is that our beloved Earth will make it through all of the hardships we have placed upon it. Remember, Earth provides you with a home, so be sure to reciprocate with the kindness of a guest.