Impact Of Social Media Influencers

Content creators are people who produce and publish their own content on social media platforms to express themselves. These people are consistently keeping up with trends, publishing videos on YouTube, and staying extremely up to date on Instagram. They are essentially known as influencers- one who influences the lives of others through the content they produce.

These are people we, as a society, glorify.

Glorified because they consistently know how to reach out to large audiences with their individual quirks, trends, and lifestyles. When one publishes and shares every aspect of their life on social media, especially YouTube, they begin to influence the audiences they reach.

YouTube is a special outlet to use; it is like getting an inside scoop of a person's life who lives a much more glamorous lifestyle than you do. You can easily tune into any channel whenever you want to seek out something specific, and learn about a completely new person's life who you may have never met before.

Influencers share wedding day videos, days in their lives, even the birth of their newborn children on their social media platforms because of the connection they make with their followers. Their followers are the reason they continue to make content- because people who seek to find a special connection on social media have the opportunity to do so whether it is because they have similar personalities or similar interests.

These people have the power to essentially change the lives of their viewers. This can be through the brands they promote to purchase, life advice they give to those who may need it, the products they recommend, like make-up, clothes they wear and trips they take. Society looks up to these people as if they have way more knowledge about anything trending in the media, and want to imitate their lives because of the way they publish it. They are 2018's newest version of a celebrity.

The difference between a YouTube Influencer and a celebrity is the relationship they each make with their fan base. Influencers create content based on what they specialize in whether it is fashion, make-up, or lifestyle tricks and tips. They also take the recommendations from their followers to create specific content their viewers want to see. While doing all of this, influencers take the time to communicate with their followers, and form these bonds with people who look up to them so highly.

Influencers have easily made an impact on my life. Every day I consistently utilize YouTube as a platform to learn new things, or find interest in the influencer's I subscribe to. I remember early on in life when the first influencers originally initiated the idea of being paid to publish their content online. This medium continues to grow more and more each day, and now with the number of influencers that are currently using this site, it will only grow more.

Social media influencers have made such an impact on social media as a whole because of their constant activity, along with the interaction and relationships they form with their audiences. Without these relationships, they would not have a reason to continue expressing themselves on these platforms. They do what they love every day, meet new people, and to top it all...they are making a great amount of money.

Wouldn't you want to make an entire career for yourself just by simply uploading a video once a week on social media?

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