Imagine Dragons Brought The "Thunder" To St. Paul

On Monday, October 16th, Imagine Dragons played a sold-out show at The Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Thousands of fans, at least 18,000, eagerly entered the doors of the arena to experience what they would later describe as, "the concert of a lifetime" performed by their favorite alternative rock band, Imagine Dragons.

The band is well known for their singles, "Radioactive" and "It's Time" from their 2012 debut album, Night Visions. Their song, "Radioactive," broke down all commercial barriers that are associated with alternative rock.

Although there were over 18,000 people in the arena, the show felt more intimate than ever. The crowd was drawn in from the moment the band took the stage with the first track off their new album, Evolve. "I Don't Know Why" was the perfect song to start the evening off with. Lead singer, Dan Reynolds' powerful vocals and interactions with the crowd made it simply impossible to look away throughout the entire show.

The second song of the night, "it's time" as you could guess, was a popular one. It instantly got the crowd on their feet and singing along. I would say it was the song that set the tone for the night.

After a few songs, Reynolds began to reach out to the crowd.

"We need your help on this next song. I'm in desperate need of a lot of help. I've always been obsessed with the concept of time. Will it ever happen or is there no such thing as time? Are we all just existing in a man-made concept? Also, what is the purpose of regret? It's simply just meaningful. So, I've decided to have zero regrets, and I want you to join me. Just sing this one single word in this song, "Yesterday." Don't just sing it, scream it." And the crowd sure did.

A few songs later, the band performed their hit song, "Demons" from their 2012 album, Night Visions, but not before Reynolds gave another heartfelt speech.

"This next song is from our first record that came out five years ago. We had zero idea that we would be able to play these songs around the world and connect with the people that we have when we wrote this. Thank you so much for coming out tonight."

Reynolds didn't stop there; he continued the speech by speaking out about Depression.

"Mental illnesses are very stigmatized and too many people hide them, especially depression. It sounds like a weakness, but it is NOT a weakness. If you have depression, please don't suffer alone and hold it in. If you are struggling, please reach out to somebody you love. People love and care about you. Don't harm yourself; it's not worth it. Depression is a part of my story, and here I am today."

The band then performed their hit song, and from the very first note (literally), the whole crowd was singing along and the room filled with flashlights.

Another highlight of the evening was the performance of, "I'm On Top Of The World." The crowd went wild, and huge balloons came falling from the upper deck of the arena. One balloon ended up finding it's way to the main stage and Reynolds smacked it with his drumstick. As I looked around the arena during the song, I saw everybody dancing with smiles on their faces. The song is quite a mood lifter!

Towards the end of the night included the band went into the crowd and headed to the small stage in the back of the arena for a few slower and more intimate songs. Along the way, Reynolds gave many hugs to fans!

On the back stage a highlight was the band's tribute to the great legend, Tom Petty. They performed Petty's song, "I Won't Back Down" and it was beautiful. The band also played their song, "Bleeding Out" from their album, Night Visions. The performance was breathtaking. Reynolds incredible vocals, the cello, the viola, and the fact that the whole arena was silent created a special moment. I had chills.

The night ended with the hits, "Thunder," "I Bet My Life," "Radioactive," and "Believer."

Overall, Imagine Dragons puts on an unforgettable show. You can tell that the band truly loves what they do. Reynolds' has perfected his stage presence, and by just taking one look at him you can tell that he is truly so grateful for where he has come on this musical journey. As he stated at the end of the show, "It's such a blessing to be able to do this every night. Thank you so much."

If you have never been to an Imagine Dragons' show, I highly recommend that you do. You won't be disappointed.

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