I'm Over The Kardashian Klan And All Of Their Endless Drama

It seems as if our whole lives revolve around which Kardashian is doing what, or what controversy they are next in line for. I feel even myself eating, breathing and living the Kardashian. But why do I (we) care so much?

The Kardashian Kylie Jenner had her first baby, "became a self-made billionaire" and is basically engaged to our 2019's up and coming artist; whom also was compared to her success of billionaire status, to that of Prince Harry. Prince Harry didn't have to work for his royal place, he was simply born into it and given advantages per her families last name, which is exactly what happened to Kylie Jenner.

Onto another Kardashian/Jenner sister, is Khloe. Khloe Kardashian is obviously sisters to the infamous billionaire Jenner and has definitely had her own fair share of controversies. Khloe has been in and out of relationships, cheating scandals, divorces and experiences with multiple NBA players. We all have sympathized with her poor luck in men, but something that happened earlier this week has everyone questioning her motives. Tristan, her current beau and baby daddy to their daughter True, has been caught more than a handful of times, making relations with other women, not hidden but directly in the public eye, almost as if he is trying to get caught. And a question most folks have is, why didn't she leave him before any of this happened AGAIN?

Jordyn Woods, previously known as Kylie Jenner's right-hand man, has made her name by collecting time and appearances with the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and honestly, worked her way to the top with little to no help; obviously being linked to the most famous family in the world at the moment helps. But Jordyn really had to self-promote herself in order to become who she has; not as lengthy as people in general, but more work than the Kardash/Jenner clan ever has.

Khloe is another story: born into wealth, and rose her to way to the top with her socio-economic status. Not to say she isn't in the right place calling out yet again another cheating scandal, but I think to whom she decided to call out is odd; no other women caught with Tristan have gotten this sort of relentless scrutiny; Jordyn Woods was "technically" part of the family, as she helped Kylie raise her new daughter Stormi, so I do understand to some extent.

BUT also, Jordyn Woods is a black woman, with whom for decades has surrounded herself within a white community; or I guess a chunk of them are Armenian, still. Black women for decades have been the backboard to white women, .as Jada Smith quoted from her Red Table Talk interview with Jordyn Woods, following the incident. Overall, the blasphemy, aggression and female toxicity is unnecessary hate and improper usage of her platform; especially to Khloe Kardashian who is now raising a young female. Females overthrowing one another, rather than raising one another up needs to be left in 2018 and left for good.

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