As the semester came to a close, I found myself frantic and uncertain. I wasn't nervous about finals or finishing up that last minute paper, but rather, I was nervous because of the unknown.

The turning in of final papers and the studying for exams, initiated the conclusion of the semester and my mind lost it. As the semester ended, I realized that I only have one semester left. I have just a small amount of time left to figure things out. To finally be certain rather than lost in the unknown.

In fact, this frantic stat was common among many of my friends. We sat around and had conversations about the future and I could tell that we were all nervous. We were and still are all uncertain, and we talked about it like the uncertainty was a bad things. But to be honest, uncertainty will always be apart of life and it's not a bad thing. It shouldn't cause panic or doubts, but rather, the uncertainty should drive us. With the road wide open, there is hope and joy found in the unknown.

The open road offers opportunities and adventures that may seem scary, and they are full of uncertainty, but through faith found in Christ we can walk into the unknown in confidence. When life gets crazy, when the unknown is all we are given, having faith in His plan is our best bet.

Even though I will have moments of panic and a lack of clarity as the next chapter approaches, I know that when I am uncertain, My Savor is brave. So, step out in faith and be willing to accept the unknown, and let His love drive you down the road He has paved out for each one of you. I promise you, it's filled with wonder and beauty beyond your own imagination.