I'm not happy anymore.

Ever realized you are not happy in a place anymore? Yeah, well that's where I am.

Now that I am in college, I'm NOT happy anymore. Stop making other people after.. Especially your parents. Your parents are not your Happiness. You need to make your own happiness. If you are not happy at a college or where you are at, Figure something out in the long run before it is too late. Do not take your anger out on a college because you are not happy. If I were you, I'd transfer or go somewhere else.

In my opinion, There is not equal access for me at one college. If you are not happy, just leave where you are at. Stop letting your family figure out your happiness. Youre the only person to know your happiness. You will be fine, once you have found it. With luck, I'm leaving a "Mark." in the tunnels. I'm letting everyone know that DEAF people are not stupid. We are not. Were just trying to make a difference in this world. Were just like any other human. Many people will say "We cannot do that or this.."

Youre a pretty cool person.. Do not let anyone tell you different. Youre a good person. I beileve I can have something done with the future. I'm ready to start my future.

I want to become an medical examiner and Registered Nurse. I want to marry a man who has his life together. That would make me happy. I want a GMC truck that is the year of 2015 or the year of 2016. I want to still be a writer for Odyssey Online proving people that you can still do anything even after you're in your future. I want to live in a house that is a log cabin. With a long driveway.

If you not read my article from last week, "35 reason to be my other half.." that will explain what I am required to have in a man. Mostly just, Hunting, smoking, fishing, drinking and having bonfires. Everyone will think im crazy, But college changes you. Do not let anyone tell you, you're happy.. because sometimes you're pretending you are.. Stop with it. Let it be yours.. not anyone elses'

Stop fighting your happiness just because someone else is not happy. Do not let anyone tell you need to do something because you are not making them happy. I beileve if you stop making other people happy, you can be happy yourself. Just stop. For your stake, Be happy for you not your parents, not your friends, not anyone. just you.

Be happy if you are not happy. I'm not happy anymore. I'm only pretending to be happy now that my parents think I am happy. I am not. I cannot enjoy anything anymore. I think if you make yourself happy first, you can do it on your own. Stop letting people take your life over. Youre in charge.

Youre a fantastic person... stop letting everyone think youre happy if youre not.

Stop Pretending...

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