I'm A 19-Year-Old Female And I Am A Feminist

I'm A 19-Year-Old Female And I Am A Feminist

There's more to feminism than an Odyssey article can explain.

Recently, Odyssey shared an article on its Facebook page titled, “I'm An 18 -Year-Old Female And I Will Never Be A Feminist.” I read it, interested in learning where the author and I differed in our opinions. I grew up believing that “feminist” was an empowering word as it stood for someone willing to fight on behalf of equality. But as I read Macey's article, I was struck by how she never actually touched on what the definition of feminism is; rather, she talked about common misconceptions rooted in a personal understanding of what "modern day feminism" represents.

Macey: I’m not writing this to start a fight or to say you’re wrong. I just want to offer you clarification on what feminism offers women, including you. While I can't speak for everyone, I feel like you might have gotten a misconstrued image of the term "feminist"; thus, I would like to offer another way to view feminism, a way that maybe you haven’t thought of, just as I had not thought of yours.

I grew up in a house led equally by a mother and father who believed in me. They didn’t tell me I could do everything, because, like Macey, I too cannot possibly “carry a 190-pound man back to a safe zone after he was shot on the front line of a war even if I tried.” But they also didn’t stop me from setting my mind to something. For years growing up, I played on ice hockey teams dominated by boys and my dad coached me just the same. When I turned 12, he told me that I had the option to play on an all girls travel team and ultimately, I joined the girls team and made some fantastic friends.

But the key thing to note in that statement is that my dad didn’t tell me I had to stop playing on boys house teams, or even stop playing hockey because it isn’t a feminine sport. Everything in my life has been my decision: my career path, where I go to college, what I do my free time, what I wear, and my physical appearance. Growing up with modern feminist parents gave me the opportunity to have the freedom and support in making any choice just as much as my brother would.

In regards to your claims that feminists hate Donald Trump because it’s “cool”, I would like to toot my own horn and bring back my article regarding why “locker room talk” isn’t acceptable. I don’t hate Donald Trump because my friends do, or because I voted for Hillary Clinton, or simply because I’m a Democrat; I don’t believe he is a capable leader and I don’t think he’s open-minded enough to run a country with such a diverse population. And yes, being a feminist does play into my perception of Trump because I think it sends the wrong message that we’ve elected a sexual predator to the White House.

But even so, I live my life day to day without checking his Twitter. I too am not spending my time running a revolution against anyone who likes him. But that’s not because I’m a feminist; that’s because I, as an individual, just do not like him.

You said it perfectly: Women must stand up for what they believe in and be strong in their shoes. That’s modern feminism, that’s what feminism overall gives women the ability to do. It has given us education, voting rights, career opportunities, and control over our own lives. That’s it.

So when I say I’m a feminist, I’m not saying that I hate boys, or that I think girls are always unequivocally smarter or better, or that we are built equally. What I am saying is that I believe everyone should have just as much right to get paid the same amount for the same amount of work, to not be told how to take care of their bodies, to not be told they can’t do something just because of their gender, to feel safe when walking across campus at night, to feel safe at all times in our lives, to be told that I can train enough and lift a 190-pound man if I ever should so want to.

Feminism is complex and nuanced and intersectional in so many directions. It is also, however, not easily disproved by telling me that I physically can’t lift that much. You’re right; I’m 5’1” and have no upperbody strength, I can’t even dream of being able to lift a man that weight. But feminism, to me, means that I still have value if I were to fight on the front line. It means that I won’t be told to stop before I have the chance to try.

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Customer relationships are a core part of your business success. Many businesses that outperform their competitors are just more responsive in this area. By taking a more direct and proactive approach to managing your customers, you can open up a new avenue of success for your business. How can you display genuine appreciation to them? Here are tips and practices from customer service expert and accomplished entrepreneur, Gary Brewster in Oneida, Tennessee that you can adopt.

Event Sponsorship

There are many small signs of appreciation you can show to customers, but hosting an event provides significant evidence to customers that your business genuinely acknowledges and cares for their support. With these events, you can treat customers as guests - which can be a great way to elevate your relationship with them. After these events, you can follow-up with your customers, build upon that relationship, and gain additional insights into their expectations.

Customized Products and Services

Customers will be pleasantly surprised to see products specifically catered to their preferences. This shows that you do respond to their feedback and are appreciative of the information they provide. Also, you are reinforcing the fact that your business firmly puts a priority on their needs and is committed to elevating their experience. You can personalize your products through a couple of means, including offering them in certain colors, modifications, labels, and more.

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When it comes to maintaining a high standard of customer service, communication and goodwill are valuable. Showing appreciation to your customers is more than simply communicating with them, but also conveying a general sense of commitment to their needs. Your business stands to gain immensely by developing this unique approach to customer service. Consider adding more of these elements as you build your customer service strategy with your team.

About Gary Brewster:

Gary Brewster in Oneida, Tennessee is an entrepreneur and commercial roofing expert. Driven by building excellent relationships, he takes pride in providing the best customer service possible. As a business owner, his goals include delivering exceptional service, solving complex problems, and giving back to the community. Outside of the office, Gary enjoys spending time on his family farm with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

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To The Generation That Might Not Care, A Green New Deal Is Crucial

Take care of our planet and our future.


The reality of climate change and method to address the issue has been a source of contention in the United States for far too long. While Republicans trail behind Democrats a great deal in the percentage who believe long-term, irreversible climate change is a real problem, an equally if not more important gap to acknowledge is that between generations.

A universally taught science concept in elementary school is the difference between weather and climate. Weather is the day-to-day condition of the atmosphere — rainy, sunny, etc. Climate is the weather of a particular geographic location over a long period of time. The weather in an area may be snowy on a particular January day but might overall have a warm climate (Trump has yet to learn this concept).

The gap between generational support for not only believing in the reality of climate change but if the government should take steps to prevent further harm on our planet is apparent. A few reasons that older generations may not support aggressive climate change policies are that many are not going to see the lasting impact of their harmful actions, may not want to acknowledge that their way of life for a majority of their life was detrimental to the environment, or that they simply do not think it is the government's role to further regulate current practices and lifestyles in the name of the environment (an argument supported by many conservatives).

Data For Progress

The "Green New Deal," proposed earlier this month by Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Edward Markey is mainly a list of ideas and goals rather than a carefully laid-out plan, though aims to eliminate greenhouse emissions through the creation of millions of jobs in the renewable energy industry, moving toward public ownership (a major source of disagreement among Republicans and Democrats), and much more. This plan is a comprehensive overview of many sources of environmental degradation that our nation has not addressed, despite the majority of the nation believing the climate change is a real issue.

There will undoubtedly be a major shift in the operations of many companies due to aggressive climate change policies, which could have been avoided at a drastic level if our nation had chosen to make climate change prevention a priority. Unfortunately, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global temperatures will rise to an irreversible level in 12 years if the United States and other countries that greatly contribute to rising temperatures do not take action. A sense of urgency has been lacking for far too long is crucial.

Written into the recently proposed Green New Deal is a section detailing how it will attempt to remedy the inequality of those most directly impacted by climate change. Vulnerable communities, particularly communities of color, are not seeing an equitable distribution in disaster funding to prevent damage inflicted by the increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters that have resulted as an increase in rising global temperatures — Which, regardless of your age, should be a glaring flaw in our current system.

I personally doubt that the entirety of the recently proposed Green New Deal will be enacted, however, I believe that anyone who values the quality of human life, clean air, clean water, food sources, for not just those in the United States, but around the world, should be supportive of a Green New Deal.

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