I'm In A Sorority But I'm Not A "Sorority Girl"

Many times sorority girls have a bad reputation. The stereotype is that we all look gorgeous all of the time, have no problems with money because our parents pay for everything, that we party all the time, and don’t actually do anything important. And yeah I’m sure there are some girls that are like that, but not most sorority girls.

I promise you I do not look gorgeous every time I leave my room. Most of the time when I go out, I’m not wearing makeup or even have my hair brushed out. Even when I go to a chapter meeting, I’m not wearing makeup because I know my sisters will accept me no matter if I am all dolled up or if I’m looking my worst. I do not look perfect all the time nor does my sorority expect me to.

Let me tell you, sororities are not cheap. I do just fine, but that is because my parents help me. Although my parents help me with the bill, I pay for the extra expenses like t-shirts, tickets, and fees by myself. I also have a job to help me pay for other necessities. There are many of my sorority sisters that pay the bills themselves and without their parents help. I am so impressed and amazed by them.

I don’t party all the time either. And neither do a lot of my sisters. I can have fun without going out to a party. I’m not going to lie though, I have been to parties and I have fun at them. I’m not acting like I don’t go out, but I also have other stuff going on too. I have a job and schoolwork and other extracurriculars. I can’t go to a party every night of the week. That’s how to fail and disappoint your parents. I also have dreams and too many expectations for myself to risk my education.

Stop assuming that sorority girls don’t do anything but sit around and talk. I see most of my sisters every week at a chapter meeting. In these meetings, we discuss upcoming events, we vote on new leaders in the chapter, and different matters that could affect us. We also learn new things that are important to us as women in the sorority, on campus, and in the community.

So, yes, I'm in a sorority and I'm proud of it. But I'm not the sorority girl that you may picture when you think of them and I'm proud of that too.

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