It's summertime. Most of your friends have gone back home and you have found yourself watching more Netflix than before, skipping the gym, and finding any excuse you can to be lazy. Maybe I am just describing myself, who knows.

But if you can relate, I am here to tell you that it is just fine. Sometimes you need a break from hectic days and to enjoy the peace and quiet. Don't think of it as a slump or wasting your summer, think of it as a little mental health break. I'm here to give you some ideas on how to spend your time and not feel like a complete couch potato.

First, begin with cleaning. Trust me, nothing is better than relaxing in a clean room after a long day and knowing that any chores that needed to be done are out of the way. Fold that laundry that has been sitting at the end of your bed, fix your pillows, and put away your sneakers. A clean room gives you a sigh of relief you didn't even know you needed.

Now you can grab that book, or your laptop with Netflix, and head outside in the sunshine. Whether you're tanning by the pool or simply relaxing in the sun, that fresh air is something you need and will make you feel 10x better than you did. Plus, tanning requires absolutely no effort so you're getting better looking by just sitting there and binge-watching Law and Order SVU.

Another good way to unwind but also get some steps is just taking a casual walk around your neighborhood. Pop in your headphones and enjoy your stroll, or grab your mom and catch up on your gossip. You're working out without even trying and you would be surprised how far you walk when you're in the zone. You could even do this on your bike and explore your hometown a little bit, whatever you're in the mood for.

One of my favorite past times when I'm in the mood to chill is getting creative. Whether I am painting or creating jewelry, it is a nice escape and gives you a little time to focus on something other than my boredom. Your mind is completely set on what you're making and nothing else. You end up with some relaxation time and a great piece to hang in your room.

Finally, as the day comes to an end, it is time to be as lazy as possible. Put on that face mask you haven't used yet, light a new candle, maybe even throw on your robe, and hop into bed. Now is your time to scroll through your social media feed and watch that movie you've been dying to see. Your cleanroom will put you even more at ease and make your room feel even cozier than before.

I hope these tips and tricks will allow you to unwind and have some time to yourself. Everyone deserves a break every now and then. But remember, summer is for spending time with loved ones, traveling, and everything in between. Make a conscious effort to make fun plans and reach out to those you haven't seen in a while. Eat good food and enjoy yourself. School will be back in session before you know it and you'll be missing summer, wishing you didn't waste it.