I should not be given access to my debit card because I spend my money faster than I make it. I do not work throughout the semester. But my family gives me money each month for rent, gas, and groceries. Every time I get that money, I'm happy because I feel like I get to escape the life of a broke college student (temporarily). There's only one problem. I spend my money so fast that I'm basically broke by the middle of the month and I barely survive for the remaining of the month. I wait until the beginning of the next month and that whole process starts back again.

Each month I'm given $1200. I pay $600 for rent, that leaves me with $600 for gas, groceries, and other miscellaneous things. Some months I need to make some payments. Other months I go out more with my friends and that means spending money. I'm definitely going to be broke at the beginning of each semester because I have to pay for my parking permit, textbooks, and course access codes. Maybe that's not my fault, I have to pay for those things thus I still end up broke.

I hate checking my bank account because I know I'm going to be disappointed in myself. I'm going to see such a low number and won't be able to spend that much money when people ask me to go out with them.

This is the time of the month where I change my habits. I drive slow because then I save money on gas. I spend less on groceries and I usually starve every day. For example, this month I had to get an oil change for my car and I didn't have money to pay for it. I had to wait for several days until I could finally get that oil change. Those few days, I felt that my car needed an oil change.

I need to take care of my money better. Or I can get a job so I can earn my own money. Either way, my spending habits need to change if I want to be mentally and physically happy.