I remember the beginning of my freshman year like it was yesterday; it was a mess, but it was great. Last year I could stay up until 4 in the morning, and still get up in time for my 8:55 class with no problems. Okay, I only stayed up until 4 one time, don't worry mom. I was basically invincible, and was expecting to be the same was for my sophomore year. Nope

I don't know how three months of summer break turned me into an old lady, but I feel like I am happily retired elderly woman. Seriously, yesterday I yelled at kids outside my window for being too loud, and the worst part was they were on a field trip. I also think my knees might be going, so maybe I'll get a cane.

In all honesty, I think it is because maybe I have matured a little over the past year. Yeah, your freshman year is great with parties and finally feeling freedom. I'm over it now. So very much over it. I can totally still go to a frat party every once in a while, but I used to go to maybe all three of our frats in a single night last year. Now, you couldn't pay me to make a trek to one, like why would I want to be in a small room and have to pretend to know how to dance? Maybe you could pay me... maybe. I would rather stay in a dorm and hang out with a few people. I know some other people are feeling this too: because my over the top party friend, didn't go out this Friday. That shook me to my core. It's not just me turning into an old lady, it's all of us. I think freshman me would slap sophomore me.

Even right now, it's 10 o'clock on a Friday night, and I am writing this instead of going to a party...

But, I think I prefer being a mild mannered sophomore to an over-the-top oblivious freshman.