While I was in Argentina studying abroad this past semester, I went on a weekend trip with Buenos Aires International Students to Iguazú, a town on the border with Paraguay and Brazil. The waterfall there is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Seeing it was a marvelous experience. It was also a little bit miserable, because I caught a cold or something while I was there (getting sick was pretty common in the group of exchange students I was with). So, it was a little miserable, but it was still magnificent.

As of right now, I'm feeling a bit sick again, like I did then, and as I did towards the very beginning of this current semester. (I was sick for about a week and then got better. Let's see if that happens this time.) At any rate, it can't be worse than when I got bronchitis last fall semester (and the fall semester before that). (Let's hope that doesn't happen again.)

Of course, lots of people have things happen to them that are much worse than my tendency to get congested, and I shouldn't complain. I think of how, during my freshman year theology class, we learned about the Jesuits' emphasis on being indifferent: whether I'm healthy or sick (or rich or poor, etc.) is irrelevant, so long as my condition can serve God's greater glory.

Well, I could have been an absolute idiot and refused to go see the Iguazú cataracts on account of feeling sick. Luckily, I didn't. I'm bound and determined to get the most out of my senior (!) year at Fordham, and I certainly won't let a stuffy nose get in the way.

Onwards to self-care (and a continued large amount of water and Vitamin C).