It's been just over a couple week's since Tyler, The Creator dropped "IGOR", his latest album that is most definitely open to interpretation and imagination. Perhaps it's because I am not as adamant with social media (I recently decided to give up Instagram and Twitter for a month), but I, for one, wasn't aware of "IGOR" coming out until the night before. I remember when "Flower Boy" came out and I was completely enamored with its light sound and magical summer feel. It was the album of late 2017 and felt like a sunrise after a long night of heavy partying a.k.a. "Cherry Bomb", "Wolf", and "Goblin".

"IGOR" has a raw sound that one could almost compare to an open wound - real, unclean, but something you can't stop looking at, or in this case, listening to. I felt every beat in every song like it were the beat of my own heart, the spark of my own neurons.

I asked Instagram, a few days before deleting it, who had listened to "IGOR" and out of those who had listened, I asked whether or not they had enjoyed the experience of the new record. Of those who voted, 78% listened to the album and 90% of those who did listen said they enjoyed it. Quite literally 90%. Three people also gave me their opinions. Two of them fell in love with the new hype album while the other felt it didn't have enough bangers

I feel like a lot of people either expected the softer, "Flower Boy" Tyler or the old raunchy Tyler which is why I like that he prefaces the album on a post on Instagram asking fans and listeners to not expect anything. Tyler tells them that this album is not "Cherry Bomb" or "Flower Boy". It is its very own experience, shared with you to understand in your own way. It's new, it's real, it's raw, and it is Tyler in his essence. A full album of just him, pouring his soul into sound and asking that you just listen.

In modern society, we all have a problem with just listening. I ask that, if you listen to this album, follow Tyler's instructions. Don't skip songs, don't listen to it in a room full of other people as it plays on a speaker. Put your headphones in and let the music paint a story in your mind.

Feel free to DM me your own interpretations at @stasiapoposki on Instagram! I will check it when I return. All polls for this article and comments will be published under my story highlight titled "pen > sword".