IG Live: The Saviour Of The Dance World
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IG Live: The Saviour Of The Dance World

With studios closed and the dance world on pause; choreographers are turning to online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook lives to keep people moving and their students from going crazy during this outbreak.

IG Live: The Saviour Of The Dance World

5, 6, 7, 8...... can be heard from living rooms throughout the world. With an abundance of class options, from beginner to advanced, Hip Hop to Salsa, you can dance in the comfort of your home and try something new with no pressure. Don't forget to keep checking your favorite studio's website or social media, because more businesses are moving online. Here are a few.

ElectrikCITY Dance Movement

ElectrikCITY Dance Movement is an urban HIP-HOP dance studio in Austin, TX. After recently opening in February they had auditions for their competitive teams, now with the outbreak, they've taken to online classes to keep their students active. Their online classes which are 50% off right now, don't start till April 6th via zoom. However, they have had a few IG live classes to keep us occupied. Their Instagram is @electricity.dance


immaDanceTv is the tutorial platform of Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra Adams. The platform dropped March 27th and with a small fee, you can be taught by all of the immaBeast faculty. It features beginner, intermediate and advanced dance tutorials, with a wide range of diverse faculty and a variation of dance styles. This platform will not only last during this pandemic but will continue even after and the proceeds will go to kids and families struggling during this pandemic. The tutorial platform Instagram is @immadancetv and the website is https://immadance.tv/

Move with KAOS

Kaos is the newest hip-hop only dance experience that started in the Fall of 2019. Creator Kenny Wormald brought a fresh new take on dance conventions along with the industry's top choreographers to the dance world. Since KAOS can not finish their tour dates right now they have created Move with Kaos. Where their choreographers such as @jblazeofficial, @dextercarr and @ysabellecaps use social media platforms such as Instagram live and TikTok to still teach dance combos to the dance world. You can reach these videos on their Instagram @kaos

DADA Virtual Dance World

DADA Virtual Dance World is the place where you want to be. The amazing director, choreographer, and actress Debbie Allen has taken to Instagram to share her love of dance by teaching amazing combos and bringing in other choreographers to teach also. Debbie Allens teaches on IG live then she posts clips on her Instagram. Classes are free and for all ages, dances range from ballet to salsa to African. Her Instagram is @therealdebbieallen.

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