6 'One Tree Hill' Feels Fans Don't Want To Be Anything Other Than What They Tried To Be Lately

6 'One Tree Hill' Feels Fans Don't Want To Be Anything Other Than What They Tried To Be Lately

No matter what, One Tree Hill will always be your favorite TV show to ever exist.

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Often times I find myself reminiscing on when I binge watched One Tree Hill in high school, and how that was probably the best month of my life.

One Tree Hill is hands down one of the best TV series I have ever seen, and definitely the one TV series I will never forget. One Tree Hill sent me through a whirl-wind of emotions throughout their 9 seasons.

If you're like me, and will forever be obsessed with OTH, you know these 6 things to be true:

1. You wanted a Naley relationship.

Even if you were not a fan of Nathan and Haley when their relationship first started out, after a while you couldn't stand the thought of them not being together.

2. You felt like you went to Tree Hill High School.

You were so emotionally invested in One Tree Hill to the point where anything that happened, felt like it happened to you too.

3. You wanted to kill Dan when he killed Keith.

During this episode, and you know what episode I'm talking about, you cried and swore you would never forgive Dan for shooting Keith.

4. You always had a soft spot for Lucas.

How could you not feel sympathetic towards Lucas when he had to watch his dad love his half-brother more than he loved Lucas?

5. You wanted a friendship like Brooke and Peyton's.

Even though they fought sometimes, you always routed for Brooke and Peyton to work it out because you knew they were meant to be best friends.

6. You were devastated when the last episode ended.

When the last episode of OTH ended, you knew no TV series would ever compare to being as good as it was.

If you're reading this and you have not yet watched One Tree Hill, I highly recommend doing so because it will change your life. And if you're reading this and you have watched One Tree Hill, then I hope you miss Nathan, Haley, Lucas, Brooke, Peyton, and the River Court as much as I do.

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