If You're A College Senior And You Don't Know What You're Doing, You're Not Alone
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Student Life

If You're A College Senior And You Don't Know What You're Doing, You're Not Alone

Not everyone has everything figured out.

If You're A College Senior And You Don't Know What You're Doing, You're Not Alone

Senior year is filled with so many emotions - excitement, anxieties, happiness, stress, etc. There are also a lot of different expectations like getting a job or getting into a graduate program.

The case varies from person to person.

Here are eleven different perspectives from eleven different Longwood seniors.

1. "Senior year is literally wishing school would end but not wanting to leave. It's like you want to be excited but then you realize you're gonna be leaving your best friends and a campus that feels like home." (Lexi P.)

2. "Because I'm going to grad school, it feels weird that I'll be able to teach after I graduate but I am waiting. It feels weird to get things for my classroom, but I feel like I should since everyone else is!" (Shalise M.)

3. "I would definitely say that doing as much and as many things as you can is important. Things come and go very fast but it's important to take advantage of the opportunities while you're still there." (Sarah M.) 

4. "I don't know where to begin writing a professional resume." (Sarah L.)

5. "I feel so excited to be out in the real world bt anxious for all the responsibilities that come with it!" (Charlotte M.)

6. "I can't believe it's almost here! The last four years literally FLEW by!!" (Abby J.)

7. "Senior year has been my first year where I finally feel like I've sorted things out and I'm not so lost anymore. I know where I need to be and how to get there." (Ashton E.)

8. "You will make your very best friends at college!! Put yourself out there, talk to who you sit with in class - they'll be lifelong friends! And say yes to stuff!! Step outside your comfort zone - you won't regret it." (Lauren L.)

9. "I guess my perspective is a little different in the fact that I'm first-gen. I never heard about college until high school and I was never asked if I wanted to apply. I didn't have any idea that college was such a big deal since no one had ever told me about it or what opportunities it gave you. I really just applied because all my friends were applying. Now, abut to walk across the stage, I see how far I've come and how much I've accomplished and I'm really proud of it and incredibly grateful for Longwood." (Emily B.)

10. "As a senior, you think you know what you want to do. But then you start applying to the jobs in your field and they all deny you because of your lack fo experience. And once you decide to go outside your field, you feel defeated because you've spent four years studying for something you've always wanted to do but can't." (Kristen D.)

11. "I have an idea of what I want to do after graduation but with it being January and me not knowing exactly where I will be or what job I will have in May, that can be really difficult. I really want to enjoy the last four months of college but I'm a very future-oriented thinker! I want to know where I will be working and what I will be doing after May 16! I have had job alerts turned on for LinkedIn for a couple of months now and I'm just excited to start applying for jobs but I know that it may be a little too soon to start." (Miranda F.)

For me, I'm just trying to get through student teaching and navigating that along with getting graduate school and a new apartment figured out. So many changes are coming and I'm far from prepared. However, I'm so ready to enjoy and embrace these last couple of months with my best friends in my favorite place. Here's to us Longwood Class of 2020!

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