Many colleges pride themselves in how much their students never fail to show their spirit. Here are a few common themes at a lot of schools that are loud and proud!

1. You’ve become a master at making DIY tailgate shirts.

Even if you've never sewed a day in your life, you suddenly become an expert fashion designer while making cute game day shirts. Making long shirts into cropped or halter tops and adding lacing, cutouts, fringe, and anything else your heart desires takes a lot of skill and patience. Maybe you rely heavily on Youtube tutorials or have a friend teach you, but honestly, you gotta do what you gotta do to show school spirit while looking cute.

2. Game days are like a holiday.

Whether your school's major sport is football or basketball (or both), every game day has its own set of pre and post-game traditions. Even if it means waking up and getting ready at 9 am on a Saturday, you know that most game days aren't limited to a few hours– they're an all-day affair.

3. Your student section is insane.

The screaming, organized chants and color-coordination are bred into your school's culture. When your team is winning, the excited cheering can be heard from a mile away. But when they're losing, the boos and calling out to the referees can't be overshadowed. Sitting in the student section is different from anywhere else in the stadium, and it's definitely the most fun.

4. Your school book store is MASSIVE.

Entering is like diving into a sea of merchandise, everything featuring your college's signature colors. Before attending, you probably had no idea how many different products schools could throw their name and logo on.

5. 90% of the things you wear have your college’s name on them.

It's not uncommon for you to roll up to class wearing a huge sweatshirt sporting your school and see about thirty other people doing the same. School spirit is always in season at your college. Plus, the merch is cute (and usually comfortable), so why not?

6. Your school mascot has their own following.

No matter if it's Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or all three, your mascot is a huge celebrity. They're at every single game and schoolwide event to remind everyone how great your school is. Also, their picture is on everything related to your school. On the days when nothing seems to be happening on campus, your mascot could be seen just casually roaming the quad.

7. No matter how big your college or university is, it feels like a family.

By joining the student body, you automatically also become a part of a huge family. On game days and every other day, you feel a huge sense of community. The traditions and qualities that make your college what it reminds you of why you chose it in the first place. You feel like you belong there and love your school like it's your second home.