Why Is Parking So Hard At The University Of South Carolina?
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If You're A USC Student Planning To Live OFF-Campus, Good Luck Finding Parking ON-Campus

The lack of student parking for students who drive to class is ridiculous.


Now, I'm not trying to sound passive-aggressive, but I'm tired. I'm tired of all these cars, tired of all the traffic, but most of all, I'm tired of the lack of parking for commuting students.

Now let's list out some facts: freshmen are required to live on campus, meaning most of the housing on campus is given to freshmen. Alright, let's move on to the next fact: this would mean that sophomores, juniors, and seniors are living off-campus and are commuting to class every day.

You would think that there would be more parking dedicated to students who live off-campus because we are the majority. Also, as someone who always needs to save money, it is not advisable for me to purchase a garage pass that I won't use often. USC already has all these fees that we as students are required to pay, and adding an extra $400 isn't something within my pay range.

We, as students, should not have to worry about parking, but be able to attend classes stress-free.

Today I spent an hour trying to find parking, contemplating if I would even make it to class and if my professor would take not finding parking an acceptable excuse. I even contemplated whether or not I should go to class.

Now, if I'm thinking that, I wonder how many students actually go home and skip class because they couldn't find parking. That makes me question if having three excused absence's is enough. I do believe I should not be penalized for not attending class due to lack of parking. As a student, I believe that I should be provided with the opportunities to succeed, but how am I going to be successful if I'm restricted from going to class?

I would love to leave my car in the middle of the road and head to class, but that would be inconsiderate of other students who need to get past my car.

As a concerned student, I understand that USC is located in a big city, but there are ways to fix the issue. Instead of buying or building new buildings, we should build and renovate garages. I believe that each school should have a lot dedicated to their students. For example, Darla Moore and the HRSM students should have a garage or lot specifically for them so that each student is guaranteed a spot.

With more freshmen coming into the University, they are bringing more vehicles with them. That means more cars, more traffic, and less space for parking. The university needs to be prepared for this and provide better parking amenities for their students.

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