Vanderpump Rules is a reality T.V. show on Bravo that currently airs every Monday night. It is centered around some of Lisa Vanderpump's employees at Sur Resturant, in which she owns. Her employees love to work, gossip and throw extravagant parties. My favorite part of watching this show is just hearing all the different members of the show and what they have to think. All of them have developed over the course of the seven seasons and it is just super

1. Stassi and Goat Cheese Balls

Ever since the first season, everybody knows about Stassi and her dang goat cheese balls. It is her favorite thing on the Sur menu and she really sells them on the show because now I aspire to try the goat cheese balls.

2. Jax sleeping with the worst people possible

To me, Jax has changed the most over the seasons but it is for the better. He has grown up as a person, but that does not mean his past mistakes still don't haunt him. Jax was notorious for sleeping with random people that would always end up hurting someone. Did Jax ~really~ care? Nah. Did Jax do it anyway? Yep. Jax is Jax and thats facts.

3. Tom and Ariana NOT getting married

Tom and Ariana started off their relationship very weirdly when Tom ~supposedly~ cheated on Kristen with Ariana, but I don't think that happened. I don't believe we ever find out for sure.

4. Brittany coming in out of nowhere

There was one point in the storyline where Jax had like two different girlfriends that knew about each other but then out of nowhere this woman named Brittany showed up. Jax met her online and convinced her to move from KENTUCKY to CALIFORNIA for a guy! I don't know how Jax does it but he is so good at making people believe what he wants them to believe.

5. Kristen coming up with some scheme to make Tom mad

In the beginning, Kristen and Tom were the couple that had been dating forever and would be together forever. Basically, they ended up hating each other and Kristen cheated on Tom with Jax which doesn't seem eventful enough for TV. That is until you know that Tom and Kristen were dating, and both of their best friends , Jax and Stassi, were dating at the time also.

6. James + alcohol = chaos 

James is notorious for his drunken outburst in the later seasons so far. He has been fired and rehired about a billion times for him just getting drunk on the job and being rude to his co-workers and his bosses. James also loves to fight people when nobody is needed to be fought. In the episode from last week, he was four days sober so I guess every step counts.