To preface this article, College of Charleston is made up of a little over 11 thousand students, 31.4 percent of those students being out-of-state.

So, if I took 11,000 students and calculated that 31.4% I am left with 3,454 students.

While that may not seem significant compared to the 7,546 In-state students, take a short walk around campus and you will realize just what a misconception that is.

The people from the North that attend College of Charleston complain about the school, the culture, and southern beliefs and traditions more than anything that I have ever seen in my life. They don't see coming here as a privilege, but more of an opportunity to boost their own perception of life and the way it should be lived and interpreted.

Because we stayed in state, we are "stuck in high school."

Did no one ever mention that half of them are here because their in-state options are either too challenging to get into or too expensive?

Consider it a favor!

Whatever point they are trying to make by coming here and trash-talking the South, it would be interesting if they could just once acknowledge the fact that they are still here for one reason or another.

To them, it seems the South is the glue that holds together apart of our history that everyone wants to erase by tearing down a view statues and dismantling a flag.

The students that come here neglect to realize that the way that they were raised and the cultures that they have been exposed to are merely a blimp. There is an entire world outside of your comfort zone, and if you decided to travel thousands of miles for school, why not at least try to adjust or become tolerant?

Surprise, we don't date our cousins and we know a few words in the Oxford Dictionary besides, "y'all."

It gets exhausting having to hear that we are all a bunch of Conservatives who support such a cruel history that existed before we did.

What no one seems to grasp is that this school is a Liberal Arts School, and you can tell that the second you sit through an orientation here. Everyone here is captivated by leftist viewpoints and exhaust all efforts in everything they can to broadcast them amongst each other. They don't discriminate, and it happens not only between professors and students but everyone with a pulse on this campus.

From CNN quizzes each week, to rallies during classes, I see no end. This place smothers you entirely and makes you question everything, and the people are a huge part of the blame.

So, I have to ask... if you hate the south so much, why are you still here?