Life is not easy. Everyone has their own struggles and it can seem as if people seldom understand. Empathy seems to be lost and false sympathy is about to start having an overdraft fee because it is used far too often. You feel lost. That is okay. As a young man or woman, you have gotten caught up in life, you know that thing you were thrown into with all of your sense and advice from other people you did not necessarily ask for.

It can be hard being young and in college. There is peer pressure from others, a relationship with a significant other that is now your main focus, maybe a job that has eaten up all of your time because you're beginning to pay all of your bills. You are not lesser because of this.

I know from experience what it can feel like to lose yourself. You feel stuck and possibly agitated. You are not making yourself and others proud like you once did. You look back and think about how you were once so happy. I am here to tell you that this happiness you are reminiscing about will come back.

For example, I injured my back squatting and I would always look back at how I used to be able to lift such heavy weight. I scared myself so much that I only began working out on the elliptical. I was not proud anymore, but I was fearful. However, That feeling of pride will come back not because you will be on up instead of a down, but because you are strong. You have overcome similar trials before and you will conquer this one. Like Miley Cyrus said, "It's the climb."

I want to tell you that it is no accident you are coming across this article. You knew this title caught your eye because you are feeling that you have lost your way. I am no expert, I am not a psychologist, nor am I a life coach, but I am someone who has overcome what life has thrown at me.

To the person that feels that they have lost themselves, I know it is not as easy to leave or change a situation as the posts on social media about leaving something that does not serve you anymore says. You know that you cannot pick up your life and just leave because extenuating circumstances are keeping you there. However, you need to focus on you and make yourself happy.

To the person that feels that they have lost themselves, if you believe in such things, try to connect spiritually with something. As a Christian woman, my connection was reading some scripture and praying to help myself have a piece of mind. However, your connection could be with numerology, astrology, or maybe even tarot. Something to help guide your path. You have a purpose you are just stuck now.

Find a hobby. Apply for that internship or job. Apply for those grants and scholarships. Fight for your relationship if you feel there is still a spark. Make your family proud by making yourself happy. All of this comes with sacrifice. You of all people know that nothing ever comes free or easy, but you know you will fight to find yourself.

You will find your light again because you always do. You have proven people wrong your whole life and I hope you continue to do so. People have been disappointed by you or your decisions. We are only human and no one is perfect. You have lost yourself, but I hope you have not forgotten who you are. As Christianity has taught me, we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." We, including you, have a purpose.

You have lost yourself, but you have remembered who you are. Welcome back.