The weather is finally nice and warm! After a cold, long and annoying winter, the weather has finally reached to the '80s and '90s. I don’t know about you, but my mood and behavior change with the weather. In the summer I am way more attentive and happy than in the winter.

As a nice little break from studying for finals, I started thinking, what would the seasons be like if they were people? Here's my interpretation.


Summer would definitely be someone like Joy from "Inside Out." Someone outgoing, bubbly, energetic and optimistic. They would never turn down the chance to go on an adventure! They love to spend long nights on the beach with their friends, play the guitar, and then wake up early to watch the beautiful sunrise. They would probably be the teenage daughter in the family of Seasons.


The mom or dad of the family, Autumn, who also goes by Fall, is studious and hardworking. They are always productive and getting all of their work done as soon as it is assigned. They aren't too stressed and always can find a way to have a properly balanced life, whether it is shopping, exercising, or studying, They can do it all. Autumn is the most fashionable of them all as well. You will never see them laying on the couch in their PJs being lazy. There is always something better than that to do.


Winter would probably be someone like Sadness from "Inside Out." Although maybe they wouldn’t be as extremely sad all the time. Winter would be kind of introverted and quiet, but when they want to, they can be one loud monster. Generally, winter likes to stay home and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace. They always do their work by the fireplace as well with a soft throw wrapped around. But don’t make the mistake of calling Winter lazy! No, they also love to socialize with their friends on the ice skating rink or go skiing during vacation. Winter is also ALWAYS down for a photoshoot. They are probably like the chill aunt or uncle of the family.


The grandmother or grandfather of the family has a really cute bunny in the house and always welcomes you with a big, warm hug. Their favorite hobby includes gardening: They have all kinds of colorful fruits, vegetables, and flowers in their garden. Spring is super nice and always gives you chocolates when you go to his or her house. They love to meditate and go to yoga and do their homework outside on the front lawn. Spring also loves every pastel color. The shirts they wear always have a pastel color background with some big bold flowers on top.