If The New 'Big Brother' Houseguests Were Candy

If The New 'Big Brother' Houseguests Were Candy

It's not summer without "Big Brother!"

Summer always equals "Big Brother" because if "Big Brother" was not on, I would refuse to believe it was summer. On June 28, "Big Brother" season 19 started up and I could not have been more excited! I buy the live feeds and watch the show every day it is on. The summer life would not be the same without being dedicated to "Big Brother!" This season kicked off strong with temptations and twists since day one. To my knowledge, your boy Paul is back in the game! Yes, Paul from season 18... do you remember, because I do! I rooted for him since day one and this year I will continue to. Anyways, while watching live feeds you gain knowledge on who the houseguests are and whether they are playing a truthful and good game. So if some of these houseguests were candy this what they would be.

Alex: pop rocks

Pop Rocks are calm until they are exposed to moisture. She is a firecracker, do her wrong..she will come back fighting at full speed.

Elena: Sour Patch Kids

Elena can be sweet but she can also be sour. Will her jealousy of Mark ruin her game play?

Jason: Dum Dum Suckers

The one houseguest that seems clueless to everything. Other houseguests question if he has even watched the show beforehand because he is now siding with Cody (from the looks of things).

Cody: WarHeads

Cody came in with his war game on. He has no personality and is SOUR all the time. I sure hope this isn't his personality outside of the house.

Jillian: Air Head

Recently sent home and was completely confused. She did not talk game with anyone and did not try much to save her own game. She was another clueless one.

Josh: Blow Pop

He definitely has different layers to himself and he showed the worst in the beginning. He blew up (lost it) once and he will again when the time comes.

Paul: Twix

As there are two Twix... there are two sides of Paul and his game, Friendship and not friendship. You are either on his side or against him. If you are against him he is gunning for you and you are next to walk out the door.

Ramses: Runts

Ramses is a runt, he has done nothing for his game play but runs back and forth between others. I hope he follows through with the plan for the week. Right now his game play is pretty sketchy and weak.

Raven: Laffy Taffy

Raven (dancer outside of the house) keeps to herself but also has her allies backs. She is very outgoing, quirky and loves to laugh. She can also be quite at times.

These are just half of the houseguests this season, there are plenty of more personalities than this. This season is definitely one to watch. If you are looking for a summer time show this is your calling. Watch the live reality tv show to find out who will win the $500,000. I am rooting for Paul so do not let me down buddy. #Friendship

Cover Image Credit: Big Brother 19

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If Taylor Swift Songs Were Types Of Alcohol

Because what's better than a drink and some T-Swift?

With Taylor Swift's quick return to the music scene... and in a big way, might I add, I decided to associate some of the best Taylor Swift songs with alcohol.

I mean, who wouldn't want to drink to Taylor Swift's catchy melodies and perfect choruses to get over an ex or tell someone exactly how you feel about them?

Taylor Swift has been around for a decade at this point, and let's face it, pretty much all of her songs could go along with at least one type of alcohol.

1. "Welcome To New York" - Moscow Mule

It only makes sense. Visit the Big Apple and you have to indulge in the state's signature cocktail. Moscow mules are a New York classic, and if it's your first night in the city and you haven't bought yourself one, are you even in New York?

2. "Blank Space" - Everclear

Think about it... A night of drinking Everclear will leave you with a giant blank space the next day. You might also look like Taylor did in the music video.

3. "Tim McGraw" - Beer

Tim McGraw is a throwback to Taylor's high school love. What better way to reminisce than with a couple friends and a keg of your favorite cheap beer?

4. "Style" - Cristal Champagne

What's more stylish than with a glass of the most expensive bubbly you can find? Just like Taylor Swift, Cristal will never go out of style.

5. "Shake It Off" - Martini

Get it? Cause you shake a martini? I might be the only one who thinks that's funny but you might end up dancing a little bit with a martini in hand when "Shake It Off" come on the radio.

6. "Red" - Merlot

Red has to go along with a red wine. What else could go along with yet *another* T-Swift breakup song?

7. "22" - Margaritas

Let's face it, when you're 22, you really only drink margaritas. They're fun- and all the hipsters are probably drinking them too.

8. "Teardrops On My Guitar" - Southern Comfort

When your heart is broken, who are you going to turn to besides the only alcohol that gives you comfort...Southern Comfort that is.

9. "I Knew You Were Trouble" - Fireball

I can't say I've ever met anyone who spent a night with Fireball and didn't regret it the next morning.

10. "Look What You Mad Me Do" - Tequila

T-Swift's latest single is an angry one. What better to make you angry than tequila? Taylor basically just called out everyone who had ever talked about her behind her back and she did it in true Taylor fashion-by writing a song. She was probably drunk on tequila when she wrote it too.

11. ...Ready For It? - Bottomless Mimosas

Because it's just that good.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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