If Dr. Seuss Narrated My Freshman Year Of College
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If Dr. Seuss Narrated My Freshman Year Of College

The 21 ways my college life shows up in a Dr. Seuss story

If Dr. Seuss Narrated My Freshman Year Of College

I have always been a huge fan of Dr. Seuss. I can remember as a kid sitting down every night struggling to pick out just one of his books to read for my bedtime story. That being a part of my childhood, I never would have imaged that Dr. Seuss was describing my freshman year of college in my favorite childhood books.


You make the decision to attend college with confidence soaring and excitement for the future.


Your parents drop you off with so much confidence in you.


And then there's that moment after your parents final goodbye when they leave and you are completely alone in a new place knowing not a single other person.


You'll sleep great the first night in your dorm room bed!


And just wait until you start to get sick of the cafeteria food


The first day of classes the professors will tell you the reading expectation for your classes.


This is how you'll feel talking to your professor after class.


You're going to experience the struggle of staying awake through a 7:45


Sleep is going to be one of the only things you're really going to want and need.


But when you finally get to falling asleep, you can count on your neighbors to keep you up.


This will be how you and your roommate try to function a majority of the time when you're both sleep deprived.


Your motivation to look decent every day will be gone after about a week.


You will meet so many fantastic people in college, but unfortunately not all of the "Sneetches" stayed in high school.


There will be the people you don't like.


But at least you will always have your roommate and when you two need a study break you'll probably go on tons of time wasting super fun adventures.


But just because pets are not allowed in the dorm room, the two of you will want nothing more than to sneak one in (a fish is probably your best option).


When you get to go home for the first time and eat a home cooked meal.


This is how it feels to pay your tuition bills.


In college, your decisions and future are in only your hands.


Always, always, always stay true to yourself and who you are. Don't let other people change you.


At the end of the year you'll look back and realize it went by way too fast and even though summer could not come any faster before, a part of you won't be able to wait for Sophomore year.

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