If These 8 College Majors Were Ice Cream Toppings

College is the definition of diversity. Everywhere you go there are people of different races/ethnicities, people who speak different languages, different genders, and different majors. These differences make college so amazing because the real world is not filled with people just like us (if it were that would be extra boring). So, when you go to college (or as you continue college) be yourself and love your major- don't just do it because you feel like you have to! Do what you love!

1. Sciences (Pre-Professionals or otherwise): Nuts

Okay, let's be honest. We all know at least five (thousand) science majors. Everywhere you go, there they are, just looming around with their heads shoved in books. Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Neuroscience... whatever you are: you're nuts- absolutely crazy! More power to you, future physicians, veterinarians, and scientists of the world, I hope you win a Nobel Prize.

2. Education: Chocolate Syrup

Education majors: they bring light and joy to the world, well most of them anyway. You desire a noble career- to teach the future generations, and instill a love for whatever subject you choose in them like an educator did for you. You are the chocolate syrup to the perfect sundae because without you the world would be too plain.

3. Nursing: Caramel

Nurses: the backbone of any medical institution. They do the grunt work, the heavy lifting, the patient interaction, EVERYTHING. Nurses definitely don't get enough credit. They can be sweet, but they get right down to business when they need to. They work well with both children and adults, and not to mention they're insanely smart. Just like caramel sauce on vanilla, nurses can make the dullest situation sweet with their personality and care.

4. Business: Whipped Cream

Business majors... no two are exactly alike. There are so many branches of business- merchandising, administration, finance, etc... but just like the whipped cream on a good bowl of ice cream- business majors make the world go round. They keep businesses afloat; they bring us businesses we didn't even know we needed, and they keep us from blowing all of our money. Thanks business majors- keep 'whipping' up great ideas!

5. Psychology: Oreos

Oh, Psychology majors... what a joy they bring to the world. Confusion and deep thought as well, but sweet sweet joy. Thanks to many psychologists the world is a better place today. Without the work of psychologists and psychiatrists, many mental illnesses once believed to be untreatable are now able to be treated with medication and other therapies. Like the Oreos on top of ice cream, psychology majors add a little "crunch" to life, and as they continue to make the world a better place by delving into the dangerous realms of the brain, the rest of us will stand amazing (and somewhat confused) by their work.

6. History: Berries

History: what many people find boring and unrelated to anything that is happening in the world today (which is exceedingly false) others find intriguing. History majors are the sweet but oftentimes tangy pieces in the college puzzle. Some are pre-law and others want to study historical artifacts and try to put together the missing pieces. History majors are the berries on your ice cream because they provide a different texture to life, they give you a glimpse into the past and give you an explanation as to how it relates to what's going on now. Keep doing you history majors, the past is yours to discover.

7. Engineering: Chocolate Chips

Engineering majors... almost like science majors but maybe even a little more out there. Engineering is over my head by like fourteen miles, but props to those who can do it and do it well. The branches of engineering are widespread, each bringing its own skill to the table. Chocolate chips are like engineering majors, because engineers create. They give the world more efficient things: cars, building materials, planes, etc. Chocolate chips give plain ice cream variety, and that's what the world's engineers are doing every day.

8. Undeclared: Sprinkles

Sprinkles, everyone's go to topping. Although sprinkles don't really taste good and they're more for decoration, every kind wants sprinkles on their ice cream. Undeclared majors are like sprinkles, because they get a little bit of everything. They get to test out potential majors before making a major commitment, and it often works out for the best. Undeclared majors give college campuses variety, so keep on keeping on undeclared majors- you'll figure it out eventually.

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