If college majors were memes, what would yours be?


For some reason, psychologists tend to be confused with psychics, or can maybe psychologists just know so much about human behavior, attitudes, brains, etc. that they in a way, can read minds.


When we think of a criminology major, we lean towards police and crime scenes. This is probably due to the many shows dedicated to this topic..which as we know, aren't normally accurate.


Anyone who has sat in a communications class in college knows it consists of PowerPoints majority of the time. Just as you think the PowerPoint is over, another one begins.


Macromolecules? Diffusion? Osmosis? Virology? Homeostasis? Immunology? Mustard? Ketchup? Who knows.


As any English major would know, punctuation truly does save lives...and grades.


No matter how many Sociology courses you've taken and how many lectures you've sat through, every single time Karl Marx will never fail to make an appearance.


How can you become a teacher who is excited to teach if you're not excited to learn how to do that?


Accounting, Finance, Business Admin and Management, Marketing, International Business, you name it. It's gonna rain $$$


Art majors always know how to spice things up a bit and can change anything to make it better.


A brain blast is truly needed for History majors-how else can you remember all of those events and dates?

Foreign Language

Foreign Language majors are the key to understanding what is being said at all times...but maybe not everything.


We have all experienced the excitement of a journalism major after they have written their first real story, but who can blame them?


Honestly, this doesn't only point to theater majors because who could truly resist?


Philosophy majors always know how to look deeper and ask the questions we tend to overlook. As Jaden Smith says, "sharks have been around for longer than trees" this will bring up an interesting conversation.

Computer Science

Does anyone really know what's going on?

Political Science

When in doubt about anything involving the government, always ask a Political Science major. They'll have an opinion and answer to share before you know it.


What looks gibberish to some is actually just a simple math equation to others. Some have a talent!


And, the world is spinning because everyone is constantly asking you what you're going to major in and what you're going to do with your career.