What Alcohol Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

What Alcohol Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Who is the Franzia in your friend group?

For those of you who don't know, zodiac signs are simply a sign that is supposed to determine your personality all because of what the stars were like on the day you were born. All 12 zodiac signs are different and and here is what each zodiac sign would be as an alcoholic beverage.

Aquarius = BOXED WINE

You are go with the flow and nonjudgemental, just like Franzia. You're a notorious trendsetter, so no matter what type of container your alcohol comes out of, it's going to be a hit!


You're emotional, so it only makes sense that if you were an alcoholic bev, you would be the one that causes the most emotions. Drink a bottle of pinot and not cry, I dare you. But, you're also well liked and finding someone who doesn't like the light crisp taste of pinot grigio is really hard to find.

Aries = VODKA

Aries are born adaptors. They can adapt to any situation they find themselves in, which makes vodka, the alcohol version of this, their perfect match. Vodka works well by itself and with others (such as cranberry juice, sour mix, orange juice, basically any kind of juice, really).

Taurus = BEER

Taurus' are practical, and what's more practical than beer? Cheap (unless you're into craft beer) and easy going basically sum up what is so great about beer! Taurus' are chill, and what's more chill than a nice cold beer on a hot summer day? Nothing.

Gemini = TEQUILA

Sorry Gemini's, but you've got a bad rep. So it only makes sense that your alcohol would too. Everyone has that one story about a night that started with tequila and ended with regret and shame. Tequila is also very bold and so are the words you tend to use since you're prone to using backhanded compliments and being kinda "know-it-all-y."


Like a Cancer, a riesling is sweet and easy to drink! Rieslings make you giddy and happy but never quite the center of attention, but if you drink too much you'll have a hangover that matches how petty you are behind all of your sweetness.


Leo's like to leave a lasting impression, just like a whiskey. Bold and the leader of any drink it's added to, a whiskey is the alcoholic version of a Leo.


You, Virgo's, out there are sweet and compassionate, but also extremely picky and hard to please, and what alcoholic beverage is sweet and virtually made the same every time? Well, a pina colada of course! You would also be served in a pretty glass with a slice of pineapple on the side.


Libra's are outgoing, but despise any kind of drama, and what's more low-key than a simple rum and coke? No one will judge you if you order this anywhere and no matter what rum is put in it, they are still delicious!


Notoriously blunt, Moonshine is the Scorpio of the zodiac. Hardcore and badass, it only makes sense that moonshine and Scorpios would pair well together.

Sagittarius = ANDRE

Generous and idealistic, there is no doubt that champagne and Sagittarius are a perfect duo, but Sagittarius's' are known to promise more than they can deliver, which is where Andre comes in, the cheapest of all champagnes, but still crisp and delicious.

Capricorn = SCOTCH

Known for their good manners and self-control, Capricorns are the scotches of the alcohol world. One sips a scotch, rather than drowning themselves in an entire bottle.

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