As I'm sitting here at Starbucks in my oversized sweater and leggings trying to understand the basic white girl (BWG), I can't help but wonder a few things about the BWG.

The BWG is iconic for her Nike shorts, oversized shirts and sweaters, blanket scarves, love for Starbucks, Chacos, and small crystal necklace hanging around her neck. When did she reach this status? Does she take pride in her legging collection like most BWGs? Does she realize that she is a marketing strategy skillfully engineered by certain companies? Society has promoted the "basic white girl" image so aggressively but I wonder if people realize that this image was professionally crafted for consumers who are willing to place their identity in the latest fashion and trends.

The BWG isn't the only image crafted to promote certain products. There are other labels like the hipster, the fitness freaks, the frat boy, and the outdoors fanatics. Each of these labels, although wisely and carefully crafted as marketing strategies, means something deeper than the first impression of its label.

Regardless of the stereotypes society has placed upon each label, people should embrace who they are. The BWG should take pride in her legging collection if that is what she chooses to place her identity in. The frat boy should wear the heck out of his Chubbies and Patagonia sweatshirt. And if you enjoy being fit, then don't let anyone make fun of you for spending every spear second in the gym. There are those, including myself, who tend to make fun of the girls that scream BWG but at the same time, I admire her for embracing her identity.

People shouldn't hide from their labels and they also shouldn't hide behind their labels. Labels can be offensive but we should embrace who we are regardless. There are those, though, that is so focused on crafting their image to fit inside a label that they lose themselves. The start to let society tell them who they are. Actual labels on a bottle are not meant to determine what's inside. Instead, they describe the contents that are already within. So, if you find yourself being labeled by others, embrace it but don't hide behind it or let it determine who you are. Ultimately, you are the only one that can define your identity.