I Identify As A Unicorn
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I Identify As A Unicorn

My Journey

I Identify As A Unicorn

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, You know when you're alone in your dark room. And you think to yourself that this is not you. I looked at the woman in the mirror and said " I'm a freakin' Unicorn" This is my journey into becoming the real me.

When I knew I was different

I always wanted to be trotting around. It was like an urge I had no control over. I had no friends because I was "That weird kid that trotted around the school tree" I just thought it was a ridiculously long nick name. Would it have cost them to shorten it? My head felt naked. I was missing something but didn't know what, It was frustrating. Another sign was the obsessive use of glitter. I had to throw it in the air every time I came into a room. It got so bad I started to eat glitter so then my poop would come out looking more fabulous than me.

Leaving Hints For My Family

I thought of pretty cool ways to leave hints for my family. I put many Skittles in their food. I think that passed all the hurtful demeaning -soul crushing -I'm probably going to need therapy words they said to me, I think they enjoyed it. I also put glitter in their shampoo. I think they rocked it. Not really but my intentions were good. They seemed confused as to why I was doing these things. That's when I was ready to come out to them.

Officially Coming Out

I figured that after the hints I should just reveal the secret to them. I gathered my family in the living room one calm afternoon. As I was walking down the hallway negative thoughts clouded my mind. I thought about the Michael's store glitter sale I was missing, And if they'll realize that Shonda Rhymes is secretly evil for killing off Mcdreamy in 'Greys Anotomy'. I Shook off these thoughts and kept walking.

I threw glitter in the air and trotted my way into the living room. I stared at them for precisely a minute then I got my Unicorn mask I bought at a local Halloween store. I slowly put the mask on while staring into their eyes. They say it was awkward I say it was us bonding. It was pretty deep. I bowed down and saw no expression on their faces.

They got up and started to leave the living room. They looked at me and told me that they knew I was a "Unicorn". They said that's why they always made me be 15 steps behind them and they told people I wasn't their child. Now I know where I get my comedian side from.But I know that deep deep down behind those 100 walls of steel, A fire breathing dragon, Black dark woods that are filled with thorns and depression, There's a heart. A black like charcoal heart but nonetheless a heart. I neighed in happiness and Trotted into the sunset.

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